Friday, October 05, 2007


I was tagged by Richard to post my desktops. Ok, you will learn alot about me from this little exercise. First, I am boring...yes, it is true. No creativity here, as you will see. Second, I am technologically in the stone ages, although I did use a digital camera to take pics of my desktops. Third, I am teachable because I learned how to crop pictures during all this. So, for your viewing pleasure:

This is my office PC. Lots of files on my desktop that I really should organize into folders. And, no background. That is because I have so much on the desktop that you really can't appreciate any pics. In the past, I have had a picture of my friend, Sandy and her two grandchildren. Now, boring boring....nothing. (Yes, that flash is me taking the picture...I know there must be a better

This is my new office lap top. Purchased so I can run PowerPoint for the new training program I am helping to write. Not much there. Standard Microsoft provided desktop pic. But it does make me happy and makes me wish I was living in a little cottage near the sea shore, surrounded by flowers. (Again, with the flash...what is wrong w/ me?!!!LOL)

My daughter set this for me on my home screen. One of my favorite scenes from my favorite movie (and book) Pride and Prejudice. I must admit that I am in love w/ Mr. Darcy...all the Mr. Darcy's from every version and my own mental image from reading the book. (No goes to Rachel for being more technologically advanced than her mom!)

I am going to tag Max, Pat, Margie, Tina, Tracey, and Sara ...Heck, really I am tagging everybody...just don't have the time to link you all. If you read this, consider yourself tagged. The rule is simple, post a picture of your desktop on your blog. (But as you can see, I am rule there is freedom to deviate from the rules for you as well...wink)


Pat said...

My camera is up at the cottage with Hal....I'll get back to you and post mine when he returns.
So, what's the secret of not having the flash reflect on the screen? I'm to inept to figure that one out!

Sara said...

i need rachel's secret for pic-taking and then hold on for excitement as i post about my desk top!

Peta said...

so cute!

hippieange83 said...

pat and kmac- you don't need a camera to do this. Press your "Print Scr" key (on the top right side of your keyboard. This will "copy" whatever is on your screen at the moment you press it. Then, open a program like MSPaint or something, and "Paste" it.


Pat said...

Dear Hippieange83~
It worked! Thanks!!!

KayMac said...

Hippie Angel...Knew there had to be a simpler way...I think you should just resign yourself to being one of the people who bring me into the 21st century!

Richard said...

Your laptop desktop looks very peaceful.