Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Last week, we received a phone call that our friend (he is really more of a brother) was having some heart problems and could possibly be facing open heart surgery. We drove back and forth to Kalamazoo a couple of days to be with him and his (our) family. This morning, another call came in that he might have complications. I sent him a text with one word..."Praying".

It got me to thinking about how much it has meant to me when I know I am being prayed for. I mean, it just feels like such a love gift.

I know I don't possess the power to heal...but I know ONE who does.
I know I can't change the course of a river, of a country, or of a life....but I know ONE who can.
I know I don't know much and I certainly don't know the future....but I know know ONE who knows all.
I don't always understand the hard stuff that happens...but I know the ONE I trust.

Got the call just a bit ago that my friend is doing well.

Would you mind praying for another friend of mine, Arlene? I know she will appreciate it and I know she is constantly sending out her own love gifts of prayer on the behalf of others.


Margie said...

I got goose pimples.

You know, there isn't anything God can't do. Arlene is a miracle, a true miracle. There is something about her that is love. Love = God.

I pray so much sometimes, I think God must answer them just to shut me up, but it doesn't 'cuz there is always one following the last.

P.S. I got an answered prayer, my friend Herb from the mission, he left (he relapsed), he showed up for awhile on Saturday (at the mission) which is the first step. I'm praying like crazy he'll be in church tonight.

Arlene - BY HIS STRIPES!!! said...

Thanks so much for your prayers. God is so good I can't even express it.

Pat said...

You always seem to express what I'm feeling right as I'm feeling it. Thanks for putting it into words far better then I could.

Tracey, in MI said...

praying for Arlene.