Monday, October 08, 2007


I have been reading and rereading this chapter of scripture over and over and over.

As a standard to measure myself against, I fall far far short.

As something to achieve, it presents me with a lifelong project.

As a teaching tool, it presents me with something new and fresh each time I take a look at it.

As a guide for life and relationships, it sets me on a true course.

It is a treasure that I do not hunt, but one that searches me out, leaving me exposed yet full of hope, and faith, and well.....LOVE!

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Pat said...

I can't think of anything better to use as a standard to measure ourselves.

Richard said...

I call it Truth, but no matter what or how we define it, it is about being the best we can be (whether or not it is practical), instead of being "practical" about it and falling short because that is what is demanded in the "real world". I have never been very practical. Before my mother died she said that she was always concerned about me because I was always an uncompromising idealist.

KayMac said...

Richard: some things are worth being uncompromising about!