Thursday, May 29, 2008


My "adopted" son, Jon w/ no H, posted an excellent series on the life and times of Indiana Jones.
You will want to read it!
Nicely done, Jon!!
Image taken from Jon's blog. I have no idea where he got it from.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This story never gets old for me. I have read or heard it retold dozens of times. And it still has the same impact for me. That of horror and wonder. And hope.

Horror because I see myself in the characters. The Accusers-How quick I am to point the finger. How self righteous I often am. How smug. How unloving. How superior. The Missing Partner-How easy it is for me to think I am hiding my sins. Noone will ever know. The Bystanders-Ah, the grisly fascination of watching someone else's train wreck. How often I have waited to see punishment meted out. Or the cowardice of standing by those times when I, also, own the guilt. The Woman-Me. I see me. I see me.

Wonder because of Jesus. He is so smart. And unpredictable. You can't back Him into a corner. You can't mold Him into your own expectation of Messiah God. You can't trip Him up. What DID He write in the sand? After all these years, He is still so approachable and yet such a mystery.

And Hope. I can drop those stones I have picked up. My death sentence has been purchased. My slate swept clean...time and time again. And I can be changed. And those eyes...His eyes...can see me as pure, and clean, and lovely!
Image taken from here.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


(Image taken by me...not as technologically creative as Richard.)

Since I last posted in February:

1. I bought myself several books to read. One I read in 2 days...It was the Pride and Prejudice story from Mr. Darcy's viewpoint. The last three chapters were missing. It took me about 3 weeks to get a corrected version. I tried to get help from one sales clerk. Clearly, being of the male orientation, he did not fully appreciate my delimma. In fact, he thought it was rather humorous. The sales clerk that waited on me when I received my corrected version laughed as well. Because I found a chair and read the rest of the book before leaving the store. Another book, Born on a Blue Day , was fascinating and intriguing. And humbling. It gave me a glimpse of the vast greatness of Creator God. I am so simple. He is so amazing.

2. I implemented some new training techniques at work. They have worked out amazingly well. We also identified a whole new slew of trainers within our organization resulting in a much improved orientation for newbees. And little time for

3. We have felt God moving us....well, I hope it is God because I have credited it to Him...for moving us from our faith community. We have visited a number of churches and communities and as of yet, have not gotten the nod, spiritually speaking, on settling in anywhere. I am parched for a Christian community of my own. I feel so welcomed at a number of places...but like I said...we are waiting for the nod. I hope it comes soon. If not, I hope I am patient.

4. I sprained my ankle in January. It has just now started to feel better.

5. I turned 50 last month. I am not sure how I feel about this, or even how it happened. I still feel like a kid. Well, most days that is (please see #4). I tried to play it down and warned my family that there would be NO "over the hill" parties. My office was lovingly decorated, tho (thanks Amy, Madison, and Tyler!)

6. I have missed reading blogs and writing posts. It is interesting how cathartic this can be and how connected I feel to people, some of whom I have never met.