Thursday, October 25, 2007


I hate to admit that:
  • I plug my nose at the stench of the sick You have given me to care for.
  • I often rant and rage at my circumstances and don't rest in the knowledge of Your goodness.
  • I don't want to live with less....I want more and can be wasteful with what You have provided.
  • I am often resentful and do not exhibit the quiet, steady love that is You.
  • I spend more time feeling sorry for myself than having compassion on the poor, the unfortunate, and the hurting.
  • I exalt myself more than I exalt You.
  • I don't motivate the world to take a second look at You.

I ain't no saint. How is that You still call me beloved?

Search me, O God, and know my heart!Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting! (Psalm 139: 23,24)

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Pat said...

I ask the same question. Good think its not by works...lest any man should boast.

Richard said...

It is all too common. It was not something I was really familiar with when I was younger. I was pretty naïve and Pollyannish in my approach to the world and outlook on life. After all, this is a wonderful creation, abounding in goodness and joy. It is unfortunate that some cause hardship for others, but a little education would sort that out. Sometimes tragedies struck, but this gave us the opportunity to rise above our pettiness and reveal our Divine heritage. This continued until I was 29.

Since then, I have struggled, sometimes more, sometimes less, with great and wonderful universe. Since I was 36, it has been much, much more of a struggle.

May the Peace and Love of the Lord Jesus Christ be within you and around you always.

Tom Harry said...

That is one of my most favourite psalms-- but I know it as a song.

One verse goes, "where can I run from your love? If I climb to the heavens you are there; if I fly to the sunrise or sail beyond the sea, still I'd find you there!)

so kewlll. hehehe. ^_^

KayMac said...

Pat: definately. i would be the one to boast

Richard: Thanks for the blessing!

Tom Harry: Hey There! How are you doing? So glad to hear from you. Yes, beautiful verses! And so comforting.