Monday, October 01, 2007


Every autumn we go camping at Pokagon State Park. There are about seven families. Just for a few days. Nothing spectacular....but such a respite in the middle of busyness. Here is what I am most thankful for:
  • My friend Rob was able to come up for a day after a very scary time in the hospital on Wednesday and Thursday of last week.
  • My daughter and I had a lot of down time together.
  • The Roast Beef panini's Rachel made us all for lunch.
  • The long walk we took one morning, dogs in tow, and the way Maddy hung on my shirt tail most of the way back.
  • A side trip for Rachel to the Gap outlet.
  • Maddy, Ty, and Noah riding horses.
  • Mint double stuffed Oreo cookies.
  • Campfires....lots of them....I can still imagine how they smell.
  • Darryl and Vicki...for having our tent set up when we got there and for blueberry pancakes.
  • Sleeping in.
  • Great weather....not too hot...not too cold.
  • Our "community" dinner.
  • Celebrating Sandy and Vicki's birthdays.
  • Tradition.
  • the middle of it all

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Pat said...

You wrote this so beautifully I felt like I could smell the campfire. I'm so thankful that you got to spend some precious down time with the people you love. Those moments are the fuel that keep us going the rest of the time. Great list too, I've never had a Mint double stuffed Oreo, but I think I hear one calling my name!

Richard said...

We need to get away and be with friends and family far more often than we take time to in our daily lives.

Margie said...

I'm glad you had a great time!!