Monday, October 29, 2007


Things making me do the happy dance today:
1. two couples that I love had their babies this weekend!!!!!
2. one of my friends got to share the gospel with a co-worker in such a simple but awesome way this morning.
3. another of my friends received an unexpected blessing from the Lord today.
4. my daughter gave me the best hug and kiss before we both left for work today.
5. i had so much empty space on my desk when i unlocked my office this morning....haven't seen it this way for a long, long time.
6. i was asked to babysit next Sunday for two of my favorite kids in the whole world.
7. it is a beautiful autumn day...crisp, clear, sunny and brisk. my favorite!
8. reading your blogs!!!!
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Richard said...

Great to hear you are feeling good and upbeat.

There is nothing better than good spirits, it makes the world seem a better place

Margie said...