Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I was running late this morning. Had to stop by the grocery store for one more ingredient for the dish I was making for my small group tonite. I had a couple of old batteries, so I stopped at the library next to the grocery store. They have a used battery drop box. Of course, since I was in a hurry, I dropped one of the batteries, which rolled under my car. I thought about just driving away...after all I was going to be late for work. But, God wouldn't let me. I pulled forward, retrieved the battery, and dropped it in the box. As I looked up to go back to my car, I saw a pond with a solitary, snow-white swan gliding silently across until it disappeared behind some reeds. It was a beautiful, serene, calming sight. I stopped to thank God for that moment. A moment I would have missed if He hadn't encouraged me to stop and do the right thing. I love when He rewards us like that!
I happily made my way to the office. I pulled into a spot way down at the end, opened the door, stuck my foot out.....uh, oh.....something was not right. I looked down and there was my heel in the center of a pile of crap! For real--a huge pile of crap. (Other witnesses attribute it to a human, but my mind can't go there...I have to imagine that some Great Dane was running loose in our parking lot.) I got out of the car, grabbed a plastic bag and a spare shoe from my trunk and stopped to decide what to do. This was disgusting. I thought about just moving my car to a new parking space. But, God wouldn't let me. I went inside to clean off my shoe and gather some cleaning products. I had to ask one of the bosses for his key to the storage room where the paper towels were stored. I looked so ridiculous as I stood there with one playtex glove on (could only find one), a couple of garbage bags, a bottle of 409, and a thoroughly disgusted look on my face. My boss cracked up when I told him why I needed the paper towels. He kept apologizing for laughing but he couldn't stop. Then the whole office heard about it. Everyone was laughing. I ended up laughing too. My two dear friends, Mandy and Vicki, came out to provide support. Vicki even held the garbage bag for me while I cleaned up.
It's only been a few hours, but already I have had the opportunity to talk to two of my co-workers about why I did this. I am sure that alot more people will hear about it before the day is out. Everyone in my office knows I am a Christian. Who knew that cleaning a pile of crap would be one of the ways God would choose for me to live out my faith and testify about Him? I thank God for these opportunities to speak of and for Him. Opportunites I would have missed if He hadn't encouraged me to stop and do the right thing. I love when He rewards us like that!
You should be a light for other people. Live so that they will see the good things you do and will praise your Father in heaven.--Matthew 5:16


Tracey, in MI said...

Yep- cleaning up crap--- sounds like ministry to me!

Kidding, kidding, kind of...somewhat....ok i'm not.

But- I wish I could have seen the look on your face. Your FIRST responses are HILARIOUS.. you kno- the ones BEFORE you get all "MATURE"....and clean stuff up--

But- really it's a love fest- you really ARE and incredible woman of God.

Vicki Sue said...

Everyone be on the lookout!! For a 180 pound Great Dane running around local businesses in Romulus, and crapping in the parking lots. Please notify Kathy immediately 555-5555.

Becky said...

found your joy, ey?

Sherry said...

If you need any ideas about how to combine crap and getting back at your boss who laughed at you, you know who to call.....(*dr. evil laugh*)

tina fabulous said...

and this is why women always have an extra everything in their car.

after a morning like that, i would have been waiting for ashton kutcher to appear and tell me i was being punk'd.