Thursday, March 09, 2006


Yesterday was a very good day.
  • My daughter came bounding out of her piano lesson with a huge smile. She had played her Beethoven piece so well that her teacher just stopped her instructing and sat back to enjoy the music.
  • Two friends gave me options for having my car engine problems diagnosed for free.
  • A friend of mine made some very Godly, loving, and mature choices. She chose to put others before herself. She chose to honor You with her obedience. Gosh, I am proud of her and amazed as I see Your likeness in her more and more.
  • Our Life Group collected items for a care package for a soldier over in Iraq. Then we played a game that had us all laughing hysterically. It was so much fun thatwe all stayed later than planned. These people are so awesome!

These simple blessings You gave me have left me feeling renewed and content. Somehow they have given me the strength to face the uncertainties of my tomorrows. I really, really appreciate them.

Thank You for thinking of me....I love You so much!

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