Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Great indeed, we confess, is the mystery of godliness:
He was manifested in the flesh,vindicated by the Spirit, seen by angels,proclaimed among the nations, believed on in the world, taken up in glory.
I Timothy 3:16

Dear Sara,

You recently asked on your blog, "I want to know what makes OTHER people tick? Why do OTHER people believe in God? What makes you think you arent just talking to yourself when you 'pray'?" I told you I would answer you on my here goes:

I have been thinking about your questions for a couple of days now. The reason I believe in God, is because of God. He is responsible for my faith. Am I confusing you? There is a passage of scripture that will paint a clearer picture. It is about a guy who is mentioned only once in the Bible. His name is Simeon.

Luke 2:25-35
Now there was a man in Jerusalem, whose name was Simeon, and this man was righteous and devout, waiting for the consolation of Israel, and the Holy Spirit was upon him. And it had been revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that he would not see death before he had seen the Lord's Christ. And he came in the Spirit into the temple, and when the parents brought in the child Jesus, to do for him according to the custom of the Law, he took him up in his arms and blessed God and said,
“Lord, now you are letting your servant depart in peace,according to your word; for my eyes have seen your salvation that you have prepared in the presence of all peoples, a light for revelation to the Gentiles,and for glory to your people Israel.”
And his father and his mother marveled at what was said about him. And Simeon blessed them and said to Mary his mother, “Behold, this child is appointed for the fall and rising of many in Israel, and for a sign that is opposed (and a sword will pierce through your own soul also), so that thoughts from many hearts may be revealed.”

Simeon knew God because of God...because God revealed Himself to Simeon. The same is for me. I don't the have the capacity to know or believe in God without God first revealing Himself and His truth to me. And it is through Jesus Christ, His death and His resurrection, that God has rescued me and brought me into a relationship with Himself. God has revealed His truth to me a number of ways...His word, His people, His creation, through beauty and through tragedy, through science and through study, through wise men and through simple things, through intellectual things and through things intangible. But there is a resonating deep in my soul that whispers to me, from His heart to mine.

What makes me think I am not just talking to myself when I pray? It may sound crazy to you and to others, to those who don't know God, but prayer is so relational for me. Sometimes I am doing the talking and sometimes I am doing the listening. Sometimes I am just being still and sometimes I find myself confessing things I am deeply ashamed of. Sometimes I have found myself searching, searching, searching and wonder why I am not hearing from God. But it is never talking to the nothing. God always responds....through thoughts, people, His word....again, so many different ways. It is a very intimate thing for me and I am finding myself at a loss for words that can adequately describe this time of communion. But it is central in my life and the centeredness of my life.

I am sure there are those who can answer your questions better than I. But the one thing I would encourage you to do, is ask God to reveal Himself to you. If I am a nutcase, religious have wasted nothing but a question. But if there is a majestic, almighty, and holy God- the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit - then you have everything to gain.

I will be praying for your quest!


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Peta said...

Kathy, you have answered this wonderfully!!

Well, Sara, I can only add that I mostly see how God guided my steps when I look back. I know that when I pray and am seeking His will, He is guiding me in the ways that protect me in every aspect of my life. And I see that if I wasn't praying, if I wasn't listening, I'd make wrong steps that would hurt me and other people, too.

Also, it happens that I do not obey God's word sometimes but when I repent, I am usually ashamed of my actions.

In God, I find the true myself. He's making me a better person and I know that I am not able to be a better person without His will and His help. I know He wants the best for me and all the ones that I love.

The more you open your heart to Him, the more you can see that He always gives you the best advice. :)

Sara Maria said...

OMG I got a whole blog? Im sweet. As for the reply: I appreciate it! Its nice to know what makes other people think the way they do. Peta, thanks as well.

Sara Maria said...

Oh, yeah Im coming to the New Years Party! Im coming with Spears, my scanner, and a delicious fifth of jagermeister. I dont drink beer. Wooohoooo who wants a jager bomb at midnight!? I am really grateful to have friends like you guys that are having a freakin sweet party that Im invited to! Dick Clarks nearly dead so good thing we have something to fall back on!

Sara Maria said...

Go see Charlotte's Web with me. You and Rachel. It would be a lot of fun. I LOVED it so much I wanna see it again and I think it would be a fun bonding experience. You think some of the other Journey folks would go? I wanna go again!!!

Kalyn Marie said...

YAY! Kathy reads my blog! That makes me smile!

Margie said...

Happy New Year!!

Jada's Gigi said...

What a fantastic response to anyone asking what you believe!!...He is the only One...I have nothing...not faith or repentance or belief...nothing ...that did not originate with Him...He loved first, He gave first...Its all just this post!!