Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Haven't had a chance to post nor read my fav blogs in the past several days. Here are some of the things that have been happening or that I would have blogged about:

THE EX: Weekend before last, I was bringing the last items from my house (which were in the attic) over to where we are currently living. I came across my ex's golf clubs. I contemplated giving them away but my God-conscience wouldn't let me. He happened to be town, moving things from his old house to his new house in Kansas. I called him to come get them. Good thing. Turns out he was gonna ask me for them. (Thanks, Lord!) I found out yesterday that he took our daughter's car (my old one) for a test drive b/c it has lots wrong w/ it and he told her he would help her keep it up & running. He told her there was a problem w/ the battery and not to be surprised if she goes out one morning and it won't start. So much for helping her keep it up and running. Made me wish I gave those clubs away after all. (Sorry, Lord!)

HUNTERS: My church helps box and distribute food. One of the supervisors of the center where we volunteer, a Vietnam Vet, keeps a knife strapped to his leg. Turns out he is a hunter. I overheard him say this to another volunteer last week-"I don't eat horn." Good thing I figured out he was a hunter!
When I was pregnant, we gutted our one bathroom and retiled it. We had to have a port-a-potty on hand during the project. When I was cleaning out my attic, I came across it. I thought maybe we could use it when we went camping. The look on my daughter's face told me there would absolutely NOT be any port-a-potties in our tent. So I asked my boss, who is an avid hunter, if he wanted it. He was more than happy to get it. He and his brother had been trying to find one. Now I know what gift to get the hunters in my life! Who would have thought?

A BLUSTERY DAY: Last Friday was an incredibly windy day here in Michigan. I could hardly open my car door against the wind. Our power went out at work. Since I didn't have a computer available, I decided to mail our 800 plus customer Christmas cards. I had to take them to a specific post office. There was a long line inside, and I decided to use the outdoor mailbox. As soon as I started dropping the cards in, I noticed a lady impatiently waiting in her car behind me. I asked her if she wanted me to drop her few letters in as I would obviously be a long time. (I had my hatch open so the many, many cards were clearly visible.) Her frown turned to a huge smile and she thanked me, waving happily as she drove away. Wouldn't you know it, car after car came and I ended up doing that for about 10 different people before I could finish with my cards. It turned out to be a lot fun. Laughing and talking w/ all these strangers with the wind blowing like crazy. When I got back in my car, I remembered that I had a company work coat on with our 1-800 number emblazoned across the back. I thought, it was a good thing I decided to do that and not give our company a bad name. Then I wondered....what if I had had 1-800-IBELONGTOJESUS on the back?

CHRISTMAS: Most of the stuff from my attic was our Christmas decorations. I spent the past week putting everything up. We haven't had it up for a couple years and it looks beautiful! I dropped the church from my Christmas village and broke it. Even that couldn't dampen my spirits. I put cedar roping and huge red bows on the porch outside. This past weekend I indulged and bought myself the new Third Day Christmas CD. I absolutely love it and highly recommend it!!! I got an escrow check in the mail that I will be able to use toward buying presents. I have two different cookie exchanges coming up next week. In the next few days, my daughter will watch my all time fav Christmas movie with me, It's A Wonderful Life. Last night I watched Miracle On 34th Street. I never grow tired of the magic of these movies. I thought there could be a movie just for me entitled, Miracle In My Heart, telling the story of the magic and grace I have experienced from God through His gift of my redeemer, Jesus Christ. Ah yes, it is "a Wonderful Life"!!!


Margie said...

thanks for catching up. Your spirit always makes my heart sing.

Tracey, in MI said...

I love hearing whats going on---- hmmm bout those golf clubs--- they could have been accidently damaged while they were in the attic.. or so the story oculd go...)kidding- the hard thing is the right thing- you're a higher ground kind of woman- I love you- ts

Birmingham Girl said...

Missed you, glad your back! There is one repeating theme in your blog today..your love of God and wanting to be pleasing to him. I love it, your just what I love to read..real life-real honest.
God Bless!

Sara Maria said...

I agree with Becky, there is a recurring theme. However, I think the theme is CHANGING COLORS. I love it. It makes it easier to read and it is scientifically proven that people who use changing colors in their blogs have a 37 percent ratio of higher intelligence than other folks who use black and white. Ok I made that up. I just like the colors.

Sara Maria said...

Oh, I didnt realize her name was Birmingham girl. I wonder if her name really is Becky? If it is, wow Im psychic! If not, if I ever meet her, I will call her Becky because of that anyways.

Jada's Gigi said...

sounds like a lot of cool blogs you would have written...:) love the story of mailing the Christmas cards...what fun!

KayMac said...


Tracey-i know you know how hard that was...lol!


Sara Maria-I thought the ratio was higher than 37%. Pat, her name is Pat! Or Sara's mom will do, too!!

Jada-it was!

Richard said...

Friday was blustery and cold up here too. We had freezing rain. My parents were without power for about 48 hrs.

Lots of broken branches - which I kept pointing out to the kids as I drove them home from school.

That cold December day seems to have heralded the start of Winter up here.

KayMac said...

Since you are more UP than us Michiganders...I totally feel for you! No power in the freezing cold? Now, that is hard.