Friday, December 22, 2006


My daughter and I watched "The Fellowship of the Ring" last night. When I was getting divorced, we were suddenly faced with making new traditions because we had always spent Christmas with my husband's side of the family. We decided that we would go to the movies and take some Christmas treats to the kids who had to work. This was the very first movie we saw to begin our new holiday tradition.

I forgot how much I really like this story. A group of diversely gifted beings, imperfect by themselves but a force when united, all focused on one quest. I've watched this movie a number of times but last night I was reminded of the "Fellowships" that God has brought me into over the years. Most of my fellow sojourners I have the privilege of staying in contact with, despite God calling us to new lands and battles. Some, I have lost and don't know where their wanderings have led them or what difficulties they have faced. And a few have gone on, to another world and the very courts of the Mighty One to live eternally. Each, I cherish...because we have fought alongside one another, defended and cared for each other, completed our missions together or were separated for a cause greater than each of us individually.
And for the fellowships that My Lord has brought me into for today, I vow to be true to the call, and to serve and protect you with whatever grace, wisdom, love, strength, and talent our God entrusts me with. For Him, His glory, today and forever!
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Sara Maria said...

Im honored to be a member of your fellowship, even if I dont always know what we are fighting and looking for. :) You guys are super special to me!

Richard said...

Despite having many friend swho love the books and the movies and that I am a big sci-fi and fantasy lover, I have never really enjoyed TLOTR (I am considered a heathen by my friends ;-)

The movies are cinematically glorious, but I watched them on DVD at 2X speed with subtitles on. Later discovered my brother did the same.

Getting along, without compromising ourselves, our values and our beliefs is not easy, but it can be done. My friends cover a wide range of beliefs and ethnicities and while I may not always accept what they believe, I do accept them.

Peta said...

Merry Christmas!! It's been so great to be your friend!! :))

Margie said...

Merry Christmas! What movie are you going to see this year?