Friday, December 15, 2006


I am in the number of those who are experiencing problems with blogger right now. It won't let me comment! I have been reading and hopefully, all will be well again soon in bloggerville!


Sara Maria said...

Yep! Im in Southgate. Like i said, stalk away. I always wanted a stalker. Maybe I should ask Santa for one for Christmas. Not the creepy kind, just the kind that leaves roses on my doorstep with notes attached like Im watching you. also creepy. Oh well!!

Richard said...

Lately, I have been having problems leaving comments (using my normal blogger account - forbidden-planet) on blogger beta.

However, when use my blogger beta account, I can leave a comment.

If this is your problem, consider getting a blogger beta account.

Peta said...

bloggerville? :)) That's a great name, I think, I'll start using it :))

and don't worry, I understood :)