Monday, December 11, 2006


I haven't seen Robert in several weeks. My friend Nebissi sees him everyday. She told me that other people are bringing him bottles now too. I asked if he had a coat, gloves, hat, and so forth. She said he has been dressed warm. So, he is ok. I have been giving her bottles for him. But I really would like to see him again in person, before Christmas. I worry about Robert, even though I am sure he doesn't need me to.

Nebissi will be leaving my 7-11. Her husband is taking over managing another one a few miles away. I will have to find a way to stay in touch. But it will be fun to meet her family, since I have heard all about them. But I feel a bit sad to know that I won't see my friend every day.

I met Nebissi's replacement. I will let you know more about her as I get to know her.


Anonymous said...

you are the sweetest!!

Anonymous said...

Yes you are!!

Becky said...

hi! yes, i guess i had the same problem w/some too! maybe it's the blogger way to change over.
cross over children-all are welcome-all are welcome!