Tuesday, January 02, 2007


When I was talking with God this morning, I said that I was feeling kind of empty. On my way in to work, I stopped at my 7-11 and there was Robert! I hadn't seen him in about 2 months. He came inside the store so we could talk for awhile. We chatted while he bought one lottery ticket. Sam, the new store clerk, told him she hoped he would win $100,000. I asked Robert what he would do with $100,000. He talked about wanting to buy a little house and a nice little car. We chatted about the movie, Dream Girls, that he wants to go see. It was just soooo good to see Robert!

I got an invitation to gchat from Peta, my Czech Republic adopted neice. We got to talk in real time today for the very first time ever. I am sure we overwhelmed her...because several of us were talking to her at one time. She will be in the United States soon. I was sooo excited to be able to talk to her in almost-person! I can't tell you how happy this made me!

Peta commented on how close my daughter and I are. I got to ramble on about my daughter...one of my favorite subjects....and how thankful I am to be her mom. I love that kid! We had fun this weekend going through some of the stuff I saved from when she was younger. Only Rachel would know how much I would love a green sock! One of my best presents ever!

My tank is now full! Thanks, Lord!


Jada's Gigi said...

God is good isn't He? Could you spill a little of that on me, please? I'm feeling a bit empty myself...:)

KayMac said...

JG-I will be praying for you!

mel capra said...

lets get together this week/weekend if possible.
I'll bring buckenwhatever I guess if you really want him there. hahaha love you

Pat said...

What a way to refuel ~ seeing Robert! I love to hear about him, I often wonder how he is doing.
How exciting to "talk" to your adopted neice!!

Becky said...

hey friend!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how God uses other people to bless us.
In Jesus
Maria in the UK

Live, Love, Laugh said...

Sounds like your New Year is starting off wonderfully. God bless you and yours.

Margie said...

what a great post. I call it filling my soup pot. When we go to Him, He fills it back up!!

He's sweet like that!

richard said...

I know you have mentioned Robert before (but I am not familiar with who he and his relationship or significance).

I am glad to hear you had an uplifting day. We need to take care to always reflect on the good things in our life.

Peta said...

It was so great to talk to you, too!! And I think it will be even greater when I'll be a little bit less overwhelmed :)

KayMac said...

Mel: I emailed you

Pat: I hope he will let me take his picture sometime...thanks for sharing in Robert w/ me.

Beck: Hey girl!

Maria: YOU are a blessing. I am enjoying your blog.

LLL: Thanks! to Yours also!

Margie: Soup pot..I like that.

Richard: If I was a professional beta blogger...I would have categories, but instead, if you want to learn the story of Robert, here are the post dates--8/18, 8/29, 9/1, 9/5, 9/8, 9/22, 10/11, 12/11. I loved your question about Robert's significance...Roberts is someone that God has been using in my life to make sure I "see" others and to teach me more about God's character. Does that make sense?

Peta: Are you kidding? YOU are amazing. Ask me how much of YOUR language I have learned!