Monday, January 29, 2007


I hung up the phone and braced myself. I knew it was coming. One, two....there it was from across the room..."Sooooooper!"

I get teased at my office for my phone persona. Every day I leave the quiet of my office and go out into our dispatch center to cover the phones during lunch for 2 to 3 hours. And most of the time, I enjoy the snippets of personal conversation that occur while I am taking orders. It has been said that you can hear a smile over the phone if you actually smile while you talk and I think this is true. I try to convey that during the calls. Not to be fake, but because I really do enjoy interacting with people. There is Mike and Herman from two local news stations, Wendy from a manufacturing plant, and Joe from a prestigious law firm downtown. I recognize their voices right away. One of our customers, Todd, was pretty happy one day and when I asked him about it, it was because his birthday was coming up. I made sure he got his favorite cake on his birthday...german chocolate...from the best bakery around.

A few months back, I noticed a couple of the guys in the office saying "soooooper" a lot when I was hanging up from a call. I asked, "Are you guys making fun of me?" and their laughter answered me. Now, these are the nicest guys...two of my favorite people in the whole I just went with the fun and started telling customers to have a super day before hanging up. When they leave for lunch I remind them to have a super lunch. When we leave at the end of the workday, they tell me to have a super evening or super weekend. Lots of stuff is just super now when we are talking.

Yesterday, my daughter and I were walking into the library. A couple was leaving and passed us by. They were laughing so I said, "You two are having too much fun!" We exchanged a bit of conversation and each went on our way. My daughter smiled and said something to the effect of, "You just always have to talk to people don't you?"

It's true! I chit chat with the person at the fast food drive through, the person at what ever counter I find myself at, the bagger who bags my groceries....I have even been known to roll down the window and talk to the person in the car next to me. For me, being around people is like letting a dog loose in a butcher shop---Wow! Now this is heaven!!

But when it happened again today....that "soooooper!" from across the dispatch center, it made me I super friendly? Or super annoying? Hopefully? Just soooooooper goofy-I could live with that!

By the way......have a soooooooooooooooper day!

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tina fabulous said...

as long as you dont go around asking people if they have a "case of the mondays", youre okay by me!

KayMac said...

no, never! and i don't wake people up by singing a happy song either...i do have some limits, some sense of boundaries!

Pat said...

Sounds like your just a sooooper person. Beats the sock off of being around someone who's continually crabby!

Margie said...

I think you are super amazing who (I am sorry if I sound like a super cornball) has Jesus oozing from them and lets everyone know that they do matter in little ways like saying hi or talking to them.

You are super wonderful!

Richard said...

I think that genuine joy and enthusiasm is very appealing.

I definitely prefer to be in the company of those who are smiling and cheerful to those who are stern and frowning.