Monday, January 22, 2007




Anonymous said...

Ha ha! You make me laugh... i will have to look it up!
God bless you this day
Maria in the UK

Live, Love, Laugh said...

Interesting, don't think I ever heard of that one. lol!!

KayMac said...

you won't find it if you look it up. it was supposed to be "redemption" but I kind of like redemptino better...there is a bit of a flair to it, don't you think!

tina fabulous said...

its like i always say... when in doubt, take it to espanol.

(and unlike all the other things i "always say", i actually do say that one)

Tom Harry said...

my favourite word is juxtaposition. and then penultimate.

not that it matters lol.

KayMac said...

Tina Fab: Girl, you are a hoot or as they say in espanol...Tu esta muy loca!!

Tom: I had to look both of those up!