Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Someone recently reminded me of some of the crazy things I have done in the past. I wasn't a rebellious teen, I just did a lot of outlandish things. I made a 40 year old gas station attendant pump $.05 of gas in my tank while my girlfriends were making bets he wouldn't do it. He didn't want to, but I talked him into it. Ok, gas was under a dollar back then, but still! Once, one of my friends put out a challange to see who could fit a whole McDonald's pie in their mouth. I was on the last bit of pie when I started to laugh...well, you don't want to know...it wasn't pretty. I never got in trouble either because I was such a good, likable kid. I had my neighbor call Bocci, the woman who was in charge of us while my mom was at work, the day before I was supposed to start middle school and ask why I wasn't in school THAT day. I kept telling my neighbor what to say...like threaten to send a truant officer to the home and other good stuff like that. When the truth came out, my NEIGHBOR got in trouble even though I adamantly tried to take the blame because it was all my idea! Go figure!

Marriage, work, and motherhood didn't slow me down either. At my first supervisory position, I developed a reputation after I pulled pranks like sending other supervisors into the administrator's office for a department head meeting when there was no meeting. This was at a nursing home, so once I gave the administrator a beautifully wrapped gift....a set of white/pink chocolate dentures.
Women's retreats seem to bring out the worst in me. At one retreat, I coordinated a roving band of women that wreaked havoc on the hotel we were at. We got the cleaning ladies to let us into other rooms (of people we knew) so we could do stuff like sew the openings of their clothes together. Of course, we took our pranks outside of our own church group to other innocent, non-suspecting hotel patrons as well. At one point, we were caught by hotel security who said, "We have been looking for a group that has been causing a bit of trouble tonite. Is that you ladies?" The rest of the group looked like deer caught in headlights, but I calmly said, "Really? You might want to try the ABC Church that is here. Perhaps it is some of them." (I have been sorry for that one ever since.) Breaking into rooms has become my trademark. Once, I crawled along the floor during the singing at one retreat so I could steal the coordinator's room key. Singing was the perfect time, because lots of people close their eyes when they sing worship songs. Now, she had given everyone specific instructions, including personnel at the hotel, that her room number was NOT to be given out, especially to me. Once I had her key, my accomplices and I struck and left her room a bit, shall we say, rearranged. I couldn't find a way to anonymously get the key back into her possession so I left it with a hotel staff person, claiming I had found it on the floor in the hall.

When my daughter came along I made sure she got in on the act. She was an adorable little girl and one of my favorite things to have her do was go up to a couple who were making out in public and ask them sweetly if they knew each other. To this day, when we go too long without doing something wild and crazy, she will bring it up and try to get something going. We have had so much fun together!

Church is certainly not considered off limits. A group of my sister-friends and I took turns wearing the ugliest green feather covered hat to church, Sunday after Sunday. Someone swiped it during its rotation and we were never able to recover it, or find out for sure who was behind the kidnapping. (Personally, I think it was the senior pastor...he hated that hat! lol) I did have pranks going between myself and a group of Master Commission kids. Finally the church board had to step in and intervene. That was probably a good thing. Neither of us would back off and our schemes were getting grander and grander.

My only rules are that it can't be anything mean or demeaning, and noone's property can be damaged. I have known a few "Master's" in my day, and it has been an honor to be in their company.

So, now....how about you? What are some of the craziest things you have done?

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Mags4HIM said...

Yep I always new you were my kind of gal!! I have done my share of pranks... ladies retreats... grease up those toilet seats for those old ladies to slide on.. oh I mean sit on.... LOL
wearing those crazy glasses that have the eyes right on them after I had RK surgery to church and having the choir director checking to make sure that my eyes were ok to sing that sunday morning and that I wouldn't be drawing attention to myself was a crack-up! He was so serious, he stood back and looked from different angles, I thought I would pee my pants right then and there! When I took them off and told him it was a joke, he said well no matter which way he said he would have been in trouble. ha ha
I love to have really good, clean fun!

Live, Love, Laugh said...

oh my, I bet you are a hoot. I do love to have fun too, we used to put panty hose on our head and ride around town staring at people at the stop lights or put on motorcycle helmets and race the engine next to someone trying to get them to race us. The list could go on and one, so I guess I will end this here and not reveal anymore.

Deb said...

During my sophomore year in college, I lived in a house with five other girls. One of my roommates was extremely possessive and stingy regarding her belongings --which even included the food that she would buy. One day, she caught another roommate eating a pretzel rod out of a bag that she had purchased and she made a big deal about it - saying that they were her pretzel rods. She did this with everything. One Sunday evening, upon returning from a visit home with a homemade chocolate jello salad desert, she put in the fridge and announced that it was for her to take in her lunches to school (she was student teaching at the time). Another roommate and myself decided that we were going to "fix her" and went to the drug store, purchased some chocolate ex-lax, pulverized it and carefully lifted the whipped cream layer from the desert and sprinkled the ex-lax all over the desert. The next morning, the 'victim' had to be in the bathroom --many times --and unfortunately, something coincidentally happened to our plumbing and she had to leave the house and go across the street to a campus classroom building to use the bathroom. To this day, I feel badly that I participated in this and it's probably the most cruel thing I've ever done. Also...I got a birthday card from my other 'perpetrator' roommate that year which read...."Did you hear about the chef who put the ex-lax in the birthday cake?...He did the cake walk all night long!" Obviously the 'perfect' card for the situation --but I still felt bad!

Anonymous said...

That sign made me chuckle!
God bless
Maria in the UK

Sara said...

you're a nut! believe it or not, i'm not so much a prankster. very boring i am. i generally make a fool of myself just with my general personality with very little preparation or intention. i can't think of a single prank. how boring! i did tell a kid at a youth lock in to walk it off when she hurt her foot and she showed up the next sunday on crutches, broken foot. does that count?

Tracey, in MI said...

funny---- in all my best stories--- YOU Are involved....the best is probably putting the Masters Commission Van up on blocks--- but getting busted in the middle of it--- and turning it into a pie fight!

PS you forgot to mention that we became involved in costume design for that brief time of the green hat- we managed to WORK that awful- thing!

tina fabulous said...

i'm w/ sara on this one.
i do a great job of looking ridiculous all on my own, so i think my inner-clutz wont let me embarrass or otherwise make a spectacle of anyone else. its lonely on the punchline end of the joke!

Margie said...

well, thankfully my big sister Sara came to my rescue AGAIN! and i didn't have to be the only one who doesn't pull pranks. Boring! I know... I hate that stuff. And once we had a sleepover and i was the first to fall asleep and they wanted to shaving cream me, and my daughter (being brilliant) told them that if they did, I would probably be really mad and maybe kill them.

Jada's Gigi said...

I'm with margie and sara...usually making a fool of myself without preparation... but you do sound like fun and I love the pic of the sign! haha

Becky said...

the craziest thing i've done?
drove here on purpose. hahaha

KayMac said...

MAGS: Let's collaborate!

DEB: Cake walk will be my new term for...you know what.

MARIA/JG: It's a real place in S Fork. Google it & you'll find that women love to have their pics taken by this sign!

SARA, TINA, MARGIE: Who are you kidding? You guys are anything BUT boring.

TRACEY: I have 2 feathers left.

BECKY: What is really crazy is that I GET that!

Richard said...

I am not a particularily crazy or wild type of person. However, I did once (twice actually), buy a rubber coackroach. The first time I placed it discretely under a corner of my friend's fridge.

A few days later she called me complaining that there was this huge coackroach under her fridge. "Are you sure? Maybe it's a piece of food or a dust bunny or something?"

The conversation continued for a few minutes before she decided to try whacking it with a broom, having it bounce up in the air and me unable to contain my mirth on the other end of the phone. Personally, I was surprised it took her so long to discover it.

I later did the sme with Sofia. She was not amused and cut my coackroach in half :-(