Friday, January 19, 2007


I have been thinking alot about people lately. With the start of another American Idol season, I am counted among those who tuned in this week to watch the auditions of the very good and the very bad. Perhaps it is because I sing very badly, but my heart just went out to these individuals who were making themselves so vulnerable on national television. Underneath the tone-deafness, oddness, fatness, thinness, geekiness, diva-ness, shyness, obnoxiousness...I wondered at each face...Who are you really? Who is the person we don't get to see? What are the things that motivate you? weigh on your heart? consume you?

Jesus was a people person. Jesus loved people. People knew that Jesus loved them. In his distinctively simple yet forthright style, Miller takes a look at people in this book. He is causing me to look at some very important questions: Who do I value? Who would I vote off the lifeboat? What was Jesus like while He lived as a human? How do I treat people?

I haven't quite finished this book but I have had a hard time putting it is THAT good. I want my daughter to read this after I am done. Let me know if you want to borrow it after her.
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Sara Maria said...

I want to read it. I love books.

Live, Love, Laugh said...

i am going to go get that book, it sounds like something I would really enjoy. i see alot of books people talk about reading on their blogs but you got my attention on this one.

I was reading the news on the Internet about American Idol and how the judges may be going a little too far when they criticize someone's physical features. I was really saddened when Simon was talking about one of the young men and how his eyes looked like some kind of cave baby's eyes or something like that.

I thought it was kind of maybe a God thing that you mentioned American Idol and who do we value on your site. Seems God is using you again. Keep it up, I love your blog.

Pat said...

As usual Dana (L,L L) says everything I want to say, only better!
This book sounds like a must read. I'll wait till Sara buys it then I'll borrow it. HA!
Thanks for the two thumbs up, it's good to hear an recommondation from someone whose already read it.

Peta said...

I'll look for it here :)

Margie said...

sounds like a great book, thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Never seen that before... Looks interesting
God bless you
Maria in the UK