Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Hi Lord,

I would like to ask You for a few things for my pastor.

Will You give him a joyful heart, filled with laughter and the wonder of You?

Will You keep his family safe and healthy and strong?

Will You surround him with great men who are supportive, and wise, and who love You like nothing else?

Will You enforce the vision You have placed on his heart, so he is sure of the way he is headed?

Will Your Spirit come upon him and anoint him in a tangible and mighty way?

Will You give him rest in the middle of this difficult thing called church planting?

Will You open Your word to his heart and mind so he is illuminated with the truth it holds?

Will You form him into an awesome leader, who points the rest of us to You?

Will You keep him pure and guide him through the things that would distract him or pull him from You?

Will You make sure he never has to wear a funny hat to fulfill his service and duty to You?

Thank You (especially for the hat thing...wink). I love You.


Image taken from here.


Pat said...

Great prayer, and I second the hat thing!

Margie said...

Great prayers

I want to see Jeremy in a funny hat.

I am Sara Maria. said...

Are you talking about Schossau or Edwards? I think we should get a giant sombrero for Edwards.

I am Sara Maria. said...

Oh you can totally come! I think we are allowed to have people come on the ROck and Roll museum field trip! Ill let you know!

Jada's Gigi said...

Love this prayer! would that more people would pray for the men God has sent to point them to Christ.
and thank God for not having to wear funny hats...:)

JT said...

Yes Jesus. Amen.

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