Tuesday, May 29, 2007


This morning I asked 7-11 Sam how her kids enjoyed their camping trip with their dad. Their dad never came and picked them up. He was on the phone with his son an hour before he was scheduled to arrive and assured his son he was on his way. This sweet little boy sat on the curb waiting for his dad all afternoon. This dad never showed.

This afternoon, my daughter went to lunch with her grandmother, my ex-husband's mother. She texted me to tell me that she just found out that her dad recently went to France. (His new wife's daughter and grandchild live in France.) I haven't talked to her yet, but I know my daughter is devastated. Her dad never calls her. He left the freakin' country and never told her. He visited a country that she dreams of visiting and never told her.

I am out in dispatch and trying to hold back the tears. I switch between finding it hard to breathe and wanting to throw up...I am so so soooo angry. Because he does this over and over. And I have to stand here and watch it happen. I can't protect her from this.

I know she has me and I am a great mom. I know that God is going to use this for good in her life and make something wonderful out of it. I know that she will survive. I know that when I see her in a little while, I will love her and point her back to Jesus. And she will continue to love and forgive her dad.

But for right now...I want to fight. I want to take him down. I want to make him a better dad. I want to hold him accountable for every tear he has made her cry.

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Sara said...

i can arrange a nice rubber room for her. just let me know. argh.

Richard said...

As a dad, I cannot understand how anyone can abandon their kids. Yet, it happens. Frequently. Moms and dads alike.

I feel very sad for her. However, she needs to learn that feelings and affection are not always reciprocated and that is not a reflection of her, but a reflection of those who cannot care. She can always love her dad, but she must not live her life through her dad.

Pat said...

I want to smack him a good one up side his goofy head!
Fathers (and mothers) who behave that way toward their own children are beyond my comprehension. I still want to smack him.

Tom Harry said...
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Margie said...

well, I think we learned it in kdg (maybe that book is true)... boys are dumb!

As part of the Metro posse, I can arrange for a good beating. I'll hold him, you punch him, stomp him, and then we can forgive him, because that's what we do.

Seriously, sorry. I love you, I'll be praying for both of you, and Sam's kids.

Boys are stupid (no offense to those of you who have a clue)

Mike said...

Glad I'm not one Margie! I said a prayer for you KayMac, one for your daughter, and one for Sam's kids. I also asked God to show both of those guys how much they are hurting their children.

Tracey, in MI said...

sorry- praying... and if you want help taking him down.... well, I'm in.

jesus- I hate it when people hurt their kids... I pray that you'd protect hearts and provide love- you are the father to the fatherless.... I also pray for this mom's heart- that you'd give peace and wisdom and most of all comfort.... all while maintaining the tenderness and passion that is her love for her kid.

Peta said...

I am so sorry!! I really hope that his heart will change.

Tell her she's always welcome in Czech and from there...it's only a few hours to the country of her dreams :))