Monday, May 14, 2007


I had a full day ahead of me but I got to spend a few minutes reading a new book my friend, Tracey, got me. It's about William Wilberforce and I am finding it absolutely fascinating. In fact, it is making me want to read more about him and by him.

My daughter woke up and came in to give me a huge hug. The card she got me made me cry. It had a quote from "Winne the Pooh" that in it's simplicity, spoke profoundly about the depth of relationship between Pooh and Christopher Robin. I love that she picked that card out. I also cried because I am sure my backside looks alot like Pooh'

We hit the road early to go out to Lansing to see our friends and their new son. My daughter plugged in her Ipod and played all the songs that she has downloaded just for me, or songs that she thought I would like to hear. How wonderful is it that my kid has songs on her Ipod for her mom? That is a gift in itself.

When we got to Trinity Church I had to visit the Ladies' Room because I drank a diet coke on the way there. (This fact will be important later.) Rachel and I found some seats and when my friend Alan came out to get ready for the service...I bounded up to the stage to say hello and let him know we were there. I really enjoyed the musical part of the service. I love singing when Alan is leading...he is gifted and his leadership in this area moves me to praise my God with my voice and my heart. During the offering, a 91 year old great, great grandmother played a melody of hymns, including one of my all time favorites, "In the Garden". She was blind. She played beautifully. She glorified God in her playing. I wanted to give her the biggest hug but settled on joining the rest of the congregation in giving her a standing ovation. I wondered what I will be like should God favor me with 91 years?!

After the service, I was standing in the very crowded gathering area. I was laughing and talking with the Cullens, as well as another young family that I deeply love. I can be pretty animated. It was when I reached over to give one of these young mom's a Mother's Day hug that my daughter's eyebrows went up and she said, "Um, mom....." She kind of pointed and I thought maybe I had something on my jacket or blouse. I looked at her but she was pointing lower than I would have liked. (Remember that trip to the bathroom?) Yep, my zipper was unzipped! And since my pants were a light, gauzy linen, I couldn't perform the one handed zip up! I decided to hold my purse in a strategically placed position until I could correct matters in a more private location. My mind did flash back to my visit to the front of the church to say hello to Alan before the service started. I thought all those smiling faces were people just being friendly! I got an email from Kelly this morning that had me laughing about this all over again.

Later in the afternoon, we met with some other friends for some talk, some dinner, and a bit of laughter when I opened a bottle of pop after I had dropped it. There are a few young mom's and expecting mom's who are becoming very dear to my heart and I was happy that I got to spend part of my Mother's Day with them.

We made it home in time to watch the Survivor finale. Rachel and I watched it together...watching us watch this show would be like watching fans at a sporting event. There is plenty of jumping up and down, shouting at the screen, and high-fiving that goes on!

Just a simple day. But I would live it over again!

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Sara said...

sounds perfect. happy belated mom's day to you my sisterfriend.

Pat said...

This is one of the best descriptions of Mothers Day I've ever read - it made me happy like I was there with you...only my pants were zipped up!
That William Wiberforce was something wasn't he? I'd never heard of him before the movie. And the song "in the garden" - my favorite to be sung at my funeral...makes sure that Sara makes it happen will you?
I'm glad you and daughter had such a wonderful day!

Margie said...
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Arlene said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day zipper and all. Nothing like being able to laugh at yourself, even through your embarrasement. Glad you and your daughter had time to spend together and your church had a lot of good things going on! Happy Belated Mother's Day!