Saturday, May 26, 2007


We had so much fun at the DIA today. Now, I am not an art aficionado but some of the paintings were incredible. My new favorite artist (as of today)...George C. Lambdin is renown for his paintings of roses. We kept bumping into a couple of art snobs...oh my gosh, they were so pretentious and it made me fall in love with them. They were making all the right comments about the sculptures or paintings. I, on the other hand, was making stuff up and cracking jokes. There were some portraits that were amazing...the detail and the life the artist was able to capture....there were a few that we were sure were going to get up and walk right out of the paintings!

But the most wonderful thing I saw was as we were leaving. We were standing by the front doors, getting ready to head out into the pouring rain. People were coming in shaking the rain off, and others were huddled getting ready to start into the museum, still others were making mad dashes out the doors in their vain attempts to ward of the raindrops. I noticed a couple a bit off to my right. They were older, ordinary. The man was arranging a jacket around the shoulders and head of the woman, I assumed to keep her dry when they walked out. I couldn't hear what he was saying, but I could tell it was tender. And she stood there, arms at her side just looking up at him. I couldn't help but stare as we made our way past. And the look in their eyes, him looking down into her face and her, looking up with complete intimate moment caught in was breathtakingly beautiful!

Google George C. Lambdin to see more of his works!


Pat said...

How beautiful - it looks like a photo rather than a painting.
What a gret day you had - you saw the beauty in the DIA and the beauty of a tender moment. It doesn't get much better than that!

Margie said...

I'll read your blog later, I just wanted to leave you a comment to tell you that I love you.

Richard said...

I have never understood the whole pretentious critique talk (whether it is art, food or whatever).

Either I like it or I don't. Sometimes I can describe what it is about something that attracts me, other times, I hav eno idea.

KayMac said...

Pat: OMG, these paintings were incredible...even down to little droplets of water on a leaf or petal.

Margie: thanks

Richard: Me either...but I don't know...there is something so fun about pompous just have to end up adoring them or they drive you nuts!

Margie said...

ok, I'm finally back.

I love when you see couples looking at each other that way. It gives me hope. Ever see Adam & Katie - same thing.