Sunday, June 18, 2006


I have been waiting months to write this Father's Day post. I know A LOT of wonderful fathers...I love to watch them love their kids. I respect the men they are. But I want to write about just one....Eric.
I work with Eric. From the first day he came to work with us, I knew I would like Eric. My first impression was that he was smart and an all-around nice guy. Now, that I know him better, he IS smart. He IS an all-around nice guy. He is a leader. He is a hard worker. He is an avid sports fan. He is funny and fun-loving. He is a good friend to his buddies. He is a man's man. He is a great dad.
Eric was dad to a beautiful baby girl when I first met him. Now he has a "yours-mine-ours" set of kids....his eldest daughter, two stepsons, his youngest son, and another daughter. Five awesome children. And Eric....when he talks about his kids....he transforms. His face absolutely glows. He is proud of them. He is involved in their lives. He is gentle and caring towards them. You can just see that they captivate his heart and he is totally dedicated to them.
Friday, Eric showed me a Father's Day gift he had gotten. It was a book of photos that his wife and kids made for him filled with pictures of Eric and his family. I cannot capture in words the depth of relationship between Eric and his family, but those pictures did. I sat in my office looking through his gift, alternately laughing and crying. Because when you see this kind of love, you can't help but be moved.
Eric: If I had ever had son, I would have wanted him to be like you...Happy Father's Day!!


Margie said...

How do I find an "eric"???

Peta said...

What an amazing man!! Your post makes me wanna thank him...just for who he is...he surely deserves his gift :)
You got me inspired, I should write about someone in my life, too :)

KayMac said...

Margie...I don't know, but if you find one...grab him.

Peta, your post was great. I am glad God brought you into my life...even if it is half a world away!

Peta said...

oh, thanks :) You took my words for you...I'm also so glad God has brought you into my life...and all of your posts are great!! :)

Vicki Sue said...

Did you send Eric this link?? DO you mind if I do??