Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Tonight my daughter and I stood out on the front porch, eyes to the sky. We were there to see a total lunar eclipse. It was silent except for our quiet exchanges. Our breath swirled misty around us in the freezing cold. Then voices burst our solitude, as front doors swung open up and down the block, with parents and blanket wrapped children joining our revery. I thought about the link that joined us, each family seperate yet connected, to see this display in the heavens.
My mind turned to another connection. The many of us who were thinking about Arlene and her family. Today was the day that God called Arlene home. I wondered how many of those who were linked to Arlene were thinking about her, sharing these same seconds with me. I also wondered if they were recalling that Wednesdays had become the day we set aside to pray for her. I wondered if they thought, as I was, how God's fingerprints were all over this day, all over this event of the eclipse...just as they were all over the things in Arlene's life that made her special...that drew us to her.
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Pat said...

A connection that will go on for eternity. I'm so thankful for that connection and that one day, we'll be reunited with those who have gone on before us.

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Richard said...

I tried watching a lunar eclipse a few years ago, but I found it so dreadfully dull. It was proceeding far too slowly for my tastes.

I am sorry to hear that Arlene finally passed on. Though, I pray she is happy and that her family accepts her passing well.