Tuesday, February 12, 2008


My goal was to rejoin the Blogging World once we launched this huge account at work. The official launch has happened and I am looking forward to life returning to a slower pace.
Nothing too exciting going on with me, but here is the latest:
1. I went to the doc's yesterday because I fell and sprained my leg a month ago. It still hurts. He told me I need more time, keep an ace wrap on it, and quit wearing heals albeit short ones (lol).
2. I just read a very interesting book...quite a sleeper I must say.. ...Christ the Lord, Out of Egypt by Ann Rice. My daughter saw me reading this and said, "Ann Rice...doesn't she write about vampires?" Written in the first person, Rice explores what Jesus might have been thinking and experiencing as a child. Some great historical information is built in. But most interesting to me was what Rice had to say after, about how she ended up writing this book and her research/sources.
3. I feel like I am 100.
4. My office is a wreck.
5. I had my hair highlighted.
6. I was at a 1st birthday party on Sunday and I have never seen such a joyful, exuberant, happy little guy.
7. Having my mom's basement bathroom remodeled. Maybe I will show you some before and after pictures, but can I just say that the "before" was worse than a dungeon? The toilet has been pulled so the floor tiles can be put down.
8. My daughter remains my best friend.
9. I missed reading your thoughts, your happenings.
10. I WILL see you tomorrow!
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Pat said...

Welcome back my friend - you have been missed!
Glad you now have the time to join the blogging family and maybe take life a little slower.
Just so you know, I also feel like #3.

david said...

Hi Kay, welcome back. I know how work can be. I am in the middle of deadlines and overwhelming tasks right now. Can't let it consume me though.

I hate to do this but I have to "tag" you. See my blog to see what that means. I know you already read it. I got tagged two days ago. I am lagging on my tagging responsibilities. I am supposed to find four others. I am not good at this. Please forgive me.

Richard said...

The book sounds interesting. I enjoy reading apocryphal literature - sometimes there are really nice gems tucked away in them (often times it is a lot of mindless garbage). One story I like comes from the Infancy Gospel of Jesus (a Gnostic text) and it goes something like this:

When Jesus was a little boy of five years old, he was playing in the mud by the stream and fashioning birds out of the clay. His father Joseph came by and seeing what Jesus was doing reprimanded him because it was the Sabbath and work was forbidden. Jesus clapped his hands and the birds flew away.

I love this story because it seems so consistent with the life and teachings of Jesus. There are other stories in that "gospel" that are not.

Eating more fresh fruits (the watery kind) and vegetables will help you to feel better.

KayMac said...

Pat: have i told you how much i have missed your friendship?

Dave: ok, responded to your tag

Richard: Hey, the story of the clay birds was referred to in this book as well! good advice on the veggies, btw.

Richard said...

Was it?


I've been thinking over the past few years that it might be nice to write a book telling some of the nicer apocryphal “bible” stories. People back then wanted to know stuff just as much as people do today and so would create stories around biblical events.

Of course, most of what I do is think, rather than do. I am also little leary of backlash from extreme fundamentalist Christians.

Now I am definitely going to pick up that book and see how it compares to my idea.

(I don’t suppose it has the story of Jesus lengthening a piece of wood Joseph had cut too short? Or of how Joseph was selected as Mary's spouse?)