Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I spoke with Robert this morning. It was raining really hard when I got up, so I was hoping that he would be making his rounds a little later than usual. He was just leaving the parking lot when I pulled into the 7-11. He had to turn around and come back.

Besides bottles, I had an envelope for Robert that I had been carrying around for over a week, maybe two. My boss, who I also consider my brother, heard about Robert from Vicki Sue, so he brought in two huge garbage bags of bottles for him. I didn't see Robert for several days, so I decided to cash in the bottles for Robert. I told Robert about how the envelope came to be and reminded him that he had all kinds of people praying for him. He said that God indeed was good!

Robert looked good, better than he has in a long time...better than he did the first day I saw him hunting for bottles, although he did look a bit tired. Today, when I said good-bye, I reached out my hand to shake Robert's hand. He has a firm grip. Representing each of you who has come to care about Robert and representing our King, I said, "God bless you today, friend!" and then we both turned and went on our way.


Tracey, in MI said...

praying for Robert.

Becky said...

you are a friend, my friend!

dawnaj1958 said...

What a special woman you are. A woman with the heart of God. Caring for His own. Thank you. Praying for you and all the Roberts of the world.

Anonymous said...

God is good and his love shines through you!!