Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Two conversations I had recently that just made me laugh at myself!

1) I went to the copier to...well, to make some copies. A newer employee, who happens to drive a straight truck for our company came up while I was making my copies.

Driver: Have we met? My name is Carl. (puts hand out to shake hands)
Me: (shakes hand.) Hi Carl. I am Kathy. I think we met, perhaps during your training. What's your number?
Driver:......(hesitation, with amused look on his face.)
Me:......(quizzical look & then light bulb goes on)....ummmmm, your DRIVER number!
(Now, every driver has a I would be 550 Kathy. Since we already have a Carl, I wanted to know this Carl's DRIVER number so that I would be able to distinguish between the two, over the radio or nextel, in the future. I WAS NOT asking him for his phone number!)
Driver & Me: (small talk while I try to keep a straight face and finish my copies.)
Me: (back in office w/ door shut.)HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2) Talking to my daughter. For some reason that I cannot remember, I asked her about an incident that had happened when she was much, much younger in which MY mom, HER grandmother had assumed she didn't know the meaning of a word. I couldn't remember the word but knew it had something to do with animals and maybe winter. I asked what the word was, was it a bear? a penguin? a buffalo? This only confused her until.....

DrmWithinADrm1: a bear?
DrmWithinADrm1: a penguin?
DrmWithinADrm1: buffalo?
DrmWithinADrm1: uuhh hybernation?
DrmWithinADrm1: oh yea that was it
kaymac550: lol
kaymac550: i have to blog on that tomorrow
DrmWithinADrm1: seriously though
DrmWithinADrm1: a bear is understandable
DrmWithinADrm1: its pretty close
DrmWithinADrm1: but penguin and buffalo?
DrmWithinADrm1: where did you pull that out of?
kaymac550: i have noo clue
kaymac550: that is just how my mind works
kaymac550: just like a steel trap
kaymac550: sharp
kaymac550: bright
kaymac550: strong
kaymac550: i am just an intellectual
kaymac550: lol


Tracey, in MI said...

Well..... there you go- you've already asked a guy for his number... shiuld be easier from here on out.

One question.... was he cute?

KayMac said...

i only look at cute AFTER i know where their heart stands w/ Jesus (unless of course, it is a whole scuba diving club that is asking me to take their picture....wink!)

This whole getting back into the dating scene scary!

Becky said...

ok fine, your heart is with jesus. was he cute????

Becky said...


I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!1

Tracey, in MI said...

ok, so first is he a christian?

(ummm i thought this was an accidental asking, so i doubted his faith had come into play- although- yes I'd assume the only guys you'd intentionally ask out- would be christians;)

second, was he cute?

third- if he isn't a christian....was he cute anyway?

KayMac said...

You girls are so funny! I promise, should I EVER have a love interest, I will make sure you know ALL the details!

Anonymous said...

nothing in the sentence leading up to # question would make a person of reasonable intelligence think you were asking for his phone #. ergo, he is stupid.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, you are still avoiding the answer! Come on, was he cute?? :))

KayMac said...

Peta...LOL. ok, first...people my age (and his) are no longer cute until we are really really old (elderly white haired people can once again be considered cute!)so the real question is...was he attractive?

2ndly...for me, "attractive" is a combination of physical, intellect, and heart...emphasis on the last two. So, a physically attractive person can be ugly and a physically ugly person can be attractive.

After all that I can say that he was an ok, even a nice looking, man. Was he attractive? Who knows?

And before you all ask, am I going to try and get his PHONE number? NO WAY!

Anonymous said...

ok, I think we can take that answer :))