Monday, October 23, 2006


Hey all! First, thank you so much for praying for our team and our families. It is always a humbling thing to know that people are taking the time to pray for you, isn't it?

The Bootcamp was held at Terra Nova and was incredible! There was so much that I learned, that pierced my heart, that motivated me, that inspired me.....I don't think I can even do it justice to try to recount everything. So, I won't. But...I understand that you should be able to hear the same workshops at the Acts 29 website in a couple of weeks.

A couple of impressions though....I saw so much unity across denominations...just a bunch of servants...people who weren't paid to speak (and even paid their own expenses) who were so happy for the privilege of speaking into the lives of those who exploring the call of church planting. They set the bar high...excellence was modeled in individual lives and in the Network. And, it was all about Jesus. Loving Him, serving Him, and lifting His name up to and in the world that He has created and is redeeming.

I think I am left with two feelings...first, that of standing before something very beautiful and just breathing in that beauty. Second, the conviction that The Journey has indeed been ordained by God to bring the Gospel of good news to our community. Our mission is just beginning!

p.s. Almost done catching up on all your blogs. Missed your humor, your insight, your care and kindness, hearing about your lives - your concerns, and most of all, missed your friendship.


Sara said...

welcome home! we missed you!

Margie said...

woo hoo! praise God you're home!

I will continue to pray

Tracey, in MI said...

bet your girl missed you bunches... hmmm and you missed her too;)

Becky said...

welcome home my friend! ove you!