Tuesday, March 02, 2010


In December, we had to get our house ready for a new renter. We hadn't been in it for several years. Rachel and I wandered around the empty rooms. Some things changed. Rooms were painted different colors. My bedroom had been turned into two for our previous renters. It felt different somehow.
Some things were the same. We were joyously surprised to find a note I had painted in the closet in Rachel's room still intact. Memories came flooding back as we went from room to room. Somehow it felt the same.
I have talked to two different people within the past week about blogging. One special long time friend told me she occassionally stops by to see if I have posted. One special brand new friend and I are going to encourage each other to blog regularly.
When I first logged on today....it felt kind of strange. Changed. Different. Empty.
Then I thought about the joy that bloggers and blogging have given me. As I remembered the laughs, the wisdom, the prayers and the fears that have been shared together on our blogs, those familiar warm feelings crept right back into my heart.
Like my house, it is not empty where there are memories, where friendship is shared, where faith is proclaimed, and where love can be found!


Venetia625 said...

This is very encouraging Kathy :-)

Pat said...

I also stop by regularly to see if you've posted..today is my lucky day!
I think of you so often, I'm so glad to see you posting again!
Sending hugs!

Crown of Beauty said...

I have visited a few times, hoping to find you home... and today I get a note from you!

Welcome back!

I have missed you so much.

Thanks for sharing this post...

Much love

jessicachubb said...

Love your posts! happy to see you back.

ouizard said...

Hello Kay =) Good to see you are back! I am well, thank you ^_^