Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Yesterday my 18 year old turned 14 years old. You see, when she was just 4, Jesus gave me the privilege and honor to pray with her as she was born into His family. Since her 3rd spiritual birthday, I have written her a letter and asked other Christ followers who were leaders or close to her to write her a letter as well. I have put them in a book. My friend, Sandy, made a cover for it and entitled it "Rachel's Journey". The past couple of years, I didn't write her a letter. I wish I had. But I am sharing this year's letter with you. If you think of it, please pray for my girl and her "journey"!!

November 4, 2008

Hello My Darling Daughter!

I bet you thought I would forget and neglect your spiritual birthday for another year. When was the last time I wrote you a letter to commemorate it? 2004? 2005? I don’t even remember. I am sorry. But today, I remembered that 14 years ago, Jesus touched your heart and soul, with the truth of His redemption. He breathed into you His very breath of life and said, “Come. Follow Me.”

You have changed so much over the past few years. Instead of a child, I have before me a young woman, who is still my baby. I remember the day that I was talking to God about you and He told me that He has adventures for you that I will not be invited to join. I could almost see a picture of me taking your hand from mine and joining it to His. I didn’t feel sad. I knew you would be safe, because He is trustworthy.

I think that is what I hope and pray for you the most right now…that God’s character becomes known to you. That it becomes a foundation for your relationship with Him. You see, I know that there will be times you face doubt, or hardship, or confusion. And it is at those times that you need to rely on what you know about God’s character and not what things look like or feel like around you. Your eyes will need to remain steady on Him to survive those times. The mother side of me wants to make it easy. The Jesus Follower side of me knows it will not be, but also knows how precious all this will become to you.

I believe God has moved me from my position of leading you, to one of walking alongside you. Rachel, there have already been times that you have led me, corrected me, supported me, times you have been the one pointing to our Savior and saying, “Look, there is where your promise and hope lies!”

Don’t be afraid of wrestling through the things of your faith. That wrestling is necessary. It won’t last forever. And you will develop spiritual muscles and a depth to your relationship with Jesus that is worth more than anything you will ever know or want!

I love you more each year. You are the best part of my life!



Crown of Beauty said...

I've been following your blog the past months, though I still have to go back to many of your previous posts. In time I will be able to read every single post you have on your blog. In my heart there is already a special place for you and your daughter. Maybe within the next few days I can post a Happy 14th birthday letter to her on my blog. You've been a good mother. I can feel the Father's smile for you, Kay!

Deb said...

I pray that I will be able to walk alongside my daughter and not in front...when it's time. Right now, with Olivia at the tender age of six, so much of my Mother side shines through and overshadows so much of my Jesus Follower side. Even though I know that she is not mine, but His.

Pat said...

How beautiful, it's hard to read though the tears in my eyes.
I've come to that age where my daughters walk beside me and often give me such's wonderful to be a mom, and you are doing such a great job.
You are such a gift to Rachel - and she is to you. How blessed!!

Margie said...

i love that letter!!