Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I got up at 4 a.m. this morning, so I could vote before it was time to get my mom up. My plan was to arrive at my precinct sometime before 6:30 a.m. I figured it would be crazy busy after that. I was right. I ended up being voter number 27, I think and was out of there by 7:25, home within 10 minutes. My mom never even realized I had left. And now, I can relax the rest of the day, knowing I don't have to face a 2 hour wait to vote later.
While I was in line, I struck up a conversation with the woman in front of me. We chit chatted about the early hour, the lack of caffeine. We guesstimated about the time we thought it would take us to vote, and would we make it to work without being late. At one point, she began to tell me about her children and their thoughts on the election. I was so sad to learn that her children came home saying that they and their peers don't think a black person can get elected in this country, and if he does, he will be shot and killed. This woman was black. I am not. As a mom, I cannot imagine how I would feel if my children felt that someone of their race would be killed if elected, just because of his skin color. Sigh, we still have a long way to go don't we?
A local bakery is giving out two free muffins if you come in wearing your "I voted" sticker. I promised a co-worker one of the muffins. He didn't think I was serious, so his muffin was a nice surprise.
I had a nice surprise this morning myself. After I left the bakery, I had to stop at the bank. I knew I was early but they are pretty close to each other. I pulled up to the drive through window. The teller and I have shared a number of conversations about our kids. Both of us have kids that want to travel internationally. Anyhow, when I pulled up she said, "I am sorry, but did you realize we don't open for another 15 minutes?" "Yes, I know," I answered. "I was in the neighborhood so I figured I would just wait." "You know, let me just go ahead and take care of you," she said. How nice was that? So, even with voting and running 2 errands, I got to work by 9:10!
OK, I have to admit that I was a bit of a pot-stirrer this morning. At the bakery, they had Obama and McCain cookies. My co-workers are predominantly Obama supporters. So I bought out every single McCain cookie to take in to them. You can imagine the comments, but they did get eaten!
You know, even though the TV and radio announcers were joking that this election would be called by 8:05 a.m. there is one thing that is really certain. Whoever gets elected is going to need all of our prayers, every day. He has a tough job ahead of him!
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Deb said...

I think that those McCain cookies would've gone over like a lead balloon at my workplace too...but they would have eaten them!

I am off today (yeah!) and have just been enjoying God's goodness...seeing the change in my husband...the weight that has been lifted off of him since that judge declared that she was finding in his favor. God is good! Thanks for stopping by kaymac ---I read your blog all the time...I just need to take the time to comment more!!

David said...

Kay, being in California, and living in a quiet neighborhood, my polling place was quite pleasant. My wife and I walk out to vote every election day. We were afraid that there would be crowds. This time, 5:30PM, there was no waiting. We voted and went shopping. I didn't have the heart to sit and watch all the coverage. I knew which way it would go, even in spite of all my efforts. But I voted. I cast my vote for my political views. Unfortunately, once again I am on the losing side. But I still have my views. No one can take those away.

Wish I had a cookie though.

Nice election day write up. Very enjoyable read. And to work by 9:10. Wow.

Crown of Beauty said...

Thank you for your post, Kaymac. My husband and I have been regularly following and praying for the U.S. elections and receive almost daily inputs from our American intercessor friends. I want you to know that we have a prayer group that meets weekly to intercede for Israel, the Philippines, and we have also often interceded for your nation. Yes, America does need a lot of prayers. We have stormed the heavens for this election, sometimes we have prayed with so much passion for your country that we would pray with tears flowing down our faces. How we have prayed for McCain and Palin to survive the media assault on them and to reach the White House proudly wearing their battle scars, in answer to my personal plea, "My Father please use the foolish things in the world to shame the wise." As soon as I knew who the new U.S. president was, I shed tears...for America.