Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I am finishing up a few things before I am off from work the rest of the week. Saturday, we will celebrate my daughter's graduation from high school. A number of broken relationships will be reunited there. Either God will be glorified in all of these lives....or it will be a glorious brawl! I will let you know what happens.

On Sunday, my daughter will leave with her dad to visit his home in Kansas. I already miss her. I already worry that he will take good care of her. I know this will be a good thing for her relationship with him, that she is growing up and will have plenty of adventures of her own...but the mom in me is still strong. As she learns independence, I will learn to let go.

She will turn 18 while she is away. I have never been apart from her on her birthday. I won't like that. Neither will she. We are truly best friends. For that, I am very grateful.
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Richard said...

Giving your kids the freedom to be themselves is always hard ebcause they will always be your kids - no matter how old they get. When you are 102, she will still be your little girl.

Let's pray that she makes wise choices as she continues to move through life.

David said...

Kaymac, wow. My daughter graduated two weeks ago. She just turned 18 too. It is a beautiful relationship that you two have. Don't worry about being away from her on her birthday, it sounds like the both of you know that you are not really apart. You will be in each other's thoughts all day.

This is going to be a hard summer. My daughter is going away to college and our lives will never be the same. But she is prepared to fly on her own.

We raise them to make wise choices in life and this is their opportunity to grow. I wish you both well.


Margie said...

so, how was the party?

Praying for you and her!