Friday, December 14, 2007


More and more, I am seeing palm trees as stand alone Christmas decorations. I could see if they are placed by a nativity scene to more accurately reflect the plant life from the region where Jesus was born. But what is the significance of a stand alone palm tree? Can anyone help me out here?
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Richard said...

I don't know.

Does it really matter? Traditions change. Personally, I am a evergreens and snow Christmas kind of guy.

Sofia laughs about how the Peruvian custom is to drink hot chocolate at Christmas (which occurs in the middle of summer). So you are hot and sweating and drinking hot coco.

A Singaporean blogger was complaining how it doesn't feel like Christmas (I replied that it is because all she has is thunderstorms and +80F weather, once the temperature drops and they get some snow down, she'll feel more in the spirit ;-). Actually, she was complaining about how Christ seems so removed from the celebration.

Maybe you are trying to read too much into the meaning of a single palm?

David said...

I thought that was just a Southern California thing. I am kind of surprised that it is found in other places. I really can't address it. I would only say that it is nice that they get into the holiday season and show that they celebrate something. As to the motivations or feelings behind it, I think that is an individual thing. And if you asked them they might just say that they thought it was cute. Who knows? Maybe they are just dreaming of warmer climes.

Interesting question though.

Becky said...

hey my friend! its just a pretty...

Tracey, in MI said...

wishful thinking for vacation?????

spoken by a woman with a fake palmtree lamp in her front room.....

rebellion against the Christmas tradition...?

A conspiracy to confuse believers and passersby?

a lighted place for dogs to ... ummm.... do what dogs do outside... in the winter?