Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Saturday I was out doing some yard work. I went to sweep up some old dried grass and when I did, I uncovered three kernels of corn stuck into a small crack in the sidewalk. They were so bright and golden against the contrast of the dried brown grass and the gray of the concrete. I wish I had thought to take a picture. They must have been planted there by a squirrel, storing food away for the winter. I stopped to think about how amazing that was really. And then for some reason I thought, "Trinity...Father, Son, and Spirit."

Later, I was getting some things ready so I could put my mom to bed. I was standing in front of the window and happened to catch the teenager across the street walking out of her house toward a red car in her drive. From her happy face, you could tell that she was excited to be going out with her friends. The smile on my face as I watched them pull out turned to concern. They had backed right into my friend's car which was parked in the street. The police were called, I dished out some mom hugs to the crying teen, and my friend took the officer aside to ask him if at all possible, not to give the girl a ticket. I stopped to think about how amazing that was really. And I thought, "For one who has not been shown much mercy in life, to show mercy to another...now that is a sign of a life transformed by Jesus."

On Sunday, I was watching my friends' kids. They played with this toy and that. I was just enjoying their youthful imaginations and exuberance. Then they started to play with a train set. As I watched this brother and sister, I flashed back to another picture. It was this same little boy playing with a train set. He was in an orphanage. Wearing green overalls...community overalls since none of the children owned their own clothes. He looked so small. And here he was now, in front of me with his own clothes, his own train set, and his very own family that fills his life with love. I stopped to think about how amazing that was really. And I thought, "God, You are truly good!"

I think God can be like those kernels of corn sometimes, revealing Himself to us when we aren't really looking for Him. He has His revelations squirreled away in the nooks and crannies of our lives. And in a moment, we sweep away something ordinary to find divine beauty and wonder. Like a life transformed. Or a life rescued.


Tracey, in MI said...

oh crap- you had to go n make me cry.

Those overalls thaqt train- those kids. much love ts

Amy said...

Yes you made me cry too, it seems like so long ago, but I can pull that image up in my head like it was yesterday!

Hil said...

Thanks for sharing! Isnt it amazing that we live our lives separate for so long; that is spiritual and physical as two different worlds. And yet it truly is beautiful when we are revealed the truth that they ARE THE SAME, that our God is saturated in them both as one. Thanks agian for sharing! love it!

Richard said...

We need to see and appreciate Goodness everywhere in his creation. Sometimes it is hard. I am glad those thoughts flowed so freely and easily to you..

Sara said...

#1; awesome post, truly awesome.
#2; there are a bunch of newsweeks or some such smart magazines at work addressed to you in birmingham. what the heck?

Jada's Gigi said...

beautiful post!! hidden treasure in earthen vessels...a whole new meaning eh?

Pat said...

Such wonderful insight...you never fail to move me. I just think you're chock full of inspiration!

Tom Harry said...
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Tom Harry said...

It seems as though these events are rushing to be included in the promenade of things for which to be thankful this Thanksgiving.

Having read this post is one of those things for me.

Thank you.

You knew that man since his boyhood? That really is awesome to be friends for so long.