Friday, November 02, 2007


Today I had to use this: Because of this:
Images taken from here and here.


Pat said...

I dislike them both - with all that is within me.

Pat said...
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Richard said...

I haven't had to use the scraper yet. I just spritz it with windshield fluid and turn the car heater on high (not that it actually does anything until the engine has warmed up). I think we've only had one day where there was a touch of frost on the windshield (or, maybe, I am not paying attention).

KayMac said...

pat: ditto

richard: hey, spritzing w/ windshield fluid! I am gonna try that!

Richard said...

It works fine if there is only a thin layer of frost on teh windshield.

Up here you (and probably down there) can buy heaters for your windshield fluid