Monday, November 12, 2007


Raked and mowed up leaves in the backyard. Bought my first Christmas presents. Had my first holiday season get-together with friends. Watched the Lions lose to the Cardinals. It was a mostly good weekend.

By the way, check out the autumn pics at Richard's.

Image taken from here.


Pat said...

Sounds like a perfect (almost) weekend - glad you enjoyed!

Richard said...

You mean you wanted the lions to lose?

That's a cool picture. Love the contrast of colours.

We had some nice bicoloured trees in Ottawa this year. First time I ever remember seeing it. Also noticed that there are a lot fo maple leaves with black spots on them (Ottawa and Montreal, and Mother of Invention was saying she has the same way out where she is - last picture in post. Are you having the same down near Detroit?)

Thanks for the plug :-)

KayMac said...

pat: thnx

richard: lol, i was not very clear. had the lions won, it would have been a very good weekend, instead of just mostly good!