Thursday, March 15, 2007


My girl has been pretty sick the past few days. Last night, she came into my room around 1 or 2 a.m. She was coughing so hard that she couldn't sleep. I had her take some medicine and then I propped her up in my bed with almost every pillow we have. Then I climbed in and just wrapped my arms around her and prayed for her. She kept worrying that she was keeping me awake (she knows I go to bed and rise early). Eventually, her coughing quieted, her breathing grew more steady, and I took off to sleep the rest of the night away in her bed.

Ah, how wonderful it was to squeak another mommy moment out of our 17 year relationship. The best job God has EVER given me was being her mom. I thought perhaps parenting was not in the works for me. But when I found out I was pregnant, it was like the song...I loved this little person growing inside me before I ever met her. Then along she came, first a tiny baby who captured my heart, growing into this young woman who I not only love, but someone I like and respect. Sometimes late at night, we sit and talk about the day, people, things, God. We
laugh. We pray. We dream. We ponder. We problem solve. We encourage. We worry. We trust. I can see us a few years down the line, meeting for lunch in the middle of our busy work days, confiding and gossiping and doing the girlfriend thing.

My girl is growing up. I have no clue whether God's plan is for our roads to run closely together but I know He does have adventures for her that I will not be invited in to. And I will learn to trust Him with her in a whole new way. So last night, it was a special thing to be able to be a mommy again, just for a few minutes, to this woman-girl, my daughter, my best friend.

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Tracey, in MI said...

you made me cry.

love you both- and totally get that.

Pat said...

A precious moment - we mothers never tire of holding our children close - no matter what age. I think you'll be blessed with a wonderful relationship all of your lives. I thank God for my girls...what a blessing.

Richard said...

I pray your daughter gets well soon.

Before we have kids, we can never know how much a parent loves their child. How, no matter how old the child becomes, it is always our child.

Lettign our children grow without crowding them, without abandonning them is a tricky path to walk.

I am glad you still share close moments with your daughter.

Sara said...

i completely get this. love, jay & mac's mom

tina fabulous said...

youre beautiful.

KayMac said...

Tracey: :-)

Pat: yes, total blessing!

Richard: I absolutely had no clue how much I would love my kid. Tricky path, are right.

Sara: kindred spirit, no?

T-Fab: Except for the hair coloring being switched on the mom & daughter, that is EXACTLY how I look when I wake up in the middle of the night...LOL!

Jada's Gigi said...

So beautiful! I can so relate...when my baby was 18...she had a was a very difficult time...but the night she brought her baby girl home to our house from the hospital...she asked me to sleep with them...just in case, you is one of my sweetest memories...sleeping with my daughter and baby granddaughter, both wrapped in my arms...and I got to be the mommy one more time.

Margie said...

I know how you feel... my baby is growing up too

Sara Maria said...

Dude. I dont cry. I was definitely wispy on this one.

I have mommy daughter moments like this sometimes too. Mostly it happens when Im sick or when we are watching a movie. Sometimes I really cannot stand being around my mom but other times I stand in awe of how much I love her and cant imagine living away from here. I totally get this.