Monday, March 19, 2007


Three posts that I wanted to pass on:

My friend Tom Harry (read March 17 and 18). By the way, I had to look up Sisyphus.

My pastor, Mike, with a sermon from one of his favorite "dead guys".

And lastly, Pete, on transcending.


Pat said...

What about me? I wrote about Heidi and Dr. Doolittle!:)

Live, Love, Laugh said...

Pat made me laugh. lol!! Okay I am going to ck these out now, thanks for the links.

Richard said...

Interesting reads and I left comments on all, but Transcending (since he does not allow comments); so here is my comment for transcending.

When I was younger, my mission statement (if I had one) was a simple "To lead a good and holy life worthy of the Kingdom of God"

However, the past few years, I have felt more like a instrument in search of music (to badly borrow and paraphrase from Pirandello's Six Characters in Search of an Author). However, this principally applies to my work life (but, spillover is always inevitable).

Richard said...
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Richard said...

Arghhh ... blogger should guard against double posting.

Tom Harry said...

The posts were separate essays for an English class, hence the necessity of giving the same intro / background (in case you were wondering).

Thank you for passing them on :D