Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I started my blog exactly one year ago. Today, I will have been divorced for 4 years. For a long time, it felt like I was barely surviving divorce, and then it was like digging my way out.

But now, I am just...a mom, who works, who loves her kid and her dog and her family and her friends. A woman who likes to laugh alot and usually has alot to laugh at about herself. A soul who has been captivated by the King of Kings and who's sweetest moments are spent in quiet (and sometimes not so quiet) communion at His feet. A blogger...who would have thunk it since my millennium goal was to send just one email? A citizen who is part of many communities....those near and those more global. A student who is learning from the thoughts and experiences of others. A reader who has 5 or 6 books going at a time.

I pray for my ex-husband and his wife every day...but I don't long for him. While my divorce is my life's biggest regret and biggest failure....I have my eyes set firmly forward...on the future.

It is time. I am closing this book called divorce and picking up another!

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Sara said...

so glad our paths brought us to each other, pain and regrets not withstanding. isn't life good today?

Richard said...

Happy blogiversary!

I am sorry you ended up divorced, but am glad to hear that you are able to pray for your ex and his new partner. Many people are extremely bitter about their exes.

An important thing is for us to always make the best of what we have and ensure that we don’t do things to make things worse.

I am happy to hear that you have found yourself clear and hope you can navigate forward without ever feeling drawn down.

tina fabulous said...

i'm not a fan of the word "failure". i like to think of it as "didnt quite work out the way i had anticipated".
closing that particular book is HUGE! youre an amazing woman. :)

Margie said...

I am with Sara & T-fab. Glad our paths crossed and you are amazing.

Happy Anniversary!

Jada's Gigi said...

Good for you!! I have found that it usually takes about 4 yrs to get past a major life heartbreak like divorce...I don't mean get over...just get past...the scripture floating in my head and heart this week has been "and forgetting those things which are behind, I press toward..." There is a time to forget..and a time to press onward...Now is your time!

Pat said...

For today I will celebrate your blogging - and you. you are such a blessing to me.
I have heard that divorce is more painful then losing someone - God is filling you with unspeakable Grace. Thanks for sharing yourself with all of us.

Caroline said...

I wish you the best and pray that one day I, too, will be able to focus ahead instead or constantly looking back over my shoulder at the past. I so miss my marriage, my husband, my life then. But I am probably a better person because of the pain that I have felt and continue to feel. At least I have my children. For that I am eternally grateful.

Peta said...

I am so happy for you. Ever since I "met" you I have felt that you have a strong personality and a wonderful, good heart. You deserve to be happy!