Monday, February 05, 2007


It is soooooo cold. We have been hit by an artic blast for the past couple of days. Tonite, the windchill factor will be 20 (F) below. I want to hibernate next to a warm fire, with a mug of hot tea and lemon, and good book. I will let you know if I see any polar bears!

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Richard said...

The windchill this morning in Montreal was -37C (close to -40F).

DT said...

I could tell you what the F actually means in 20 (F) below. Cause it is that cold

KayMac said...

Richard, all I can say is...I am sooo sorry!

shirley buxton said...

Cheers to those who are chilling! I am in southern California where we are having a heat wave...near 70 today here in the San Bernardino mountains at 5000 feet. We did have very cold weather a few weeks ago--actually broke records.

Cold or hot--God is real.

Shirley Buxton

Richard said...

It has been worse. I remember, maybe 13/14 years ago, driving from Ottawa to Cornwall (about 100Km - 60 Miles) and the temperature was about -40 (same on both scales) with a strong wind. The car never warmed up. The steering, transmission, brakes, were stiff and sluggish the whole way.

Of course, I was younger then and enjoyed the extreme weather. Eventually, you get to an age where you say to yourself, "why can't it just be temperate all the time?"

Margie said...

this is all Sara's fault, she wished and prayed for winter!