Sunday, July 23, 2006


" 'For these nuns, the habit is a wearable sacramental with a supernatural character that cannot be replicated in secular clothing...The sighting of a nun in habit remains for most of us a notable event, because what the habit proclaims is something so countercultural and so radical, we cannot help but to react with awe and reverance or with suspicion and disdain.' (The Habit: A History of the Clothing of Catholic Nuns by Elizabeth Kuhns)

This is the kind of Praise Habit I wish to pursue...In our encounter with Christ we, too, have been laid down devastated by His grace. We have been covered by this grace. We have been taken from death to life by this grace. Our identity is changed. What was before this new beginning has vanished. We have been given new clothes. We have put on Christ. We are found dressed in His rescue, redemption, and righteousness and, aware of this rescue, we spew forth praise...To wear the rescue of Christ into every moment is for every moment to become alive with the possibilities of revelation. With the awareness of rescue, things unsuspected will begin to revelate redemption....

A nun does not get up each morning and go to the closet and think to herself, Hmmmm, I wonder what to wear today. The habit is what she wears. It is what covers her. It is what identifies her. Our condition is the same. Our habit is the Christ. He is what covers us. He is what identifies us. We wear Him into every moment, and when we live with this awareness, we PRAISE CHRIST." (excerpt pages 38, 39)

PRAISE HABIT: Finding God in Sunsets and Sushi by David Crowder. Get it! Read it!

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