Thursday, May 11, 2006


Last night my daughter and I were talking about some of the changes we are seeing in our circle of friends. Lives are changing. Kids are growing up. People are moving into new circles of friendships. Circumstances are bringing new and different people into the midst of old friendships and relationships.
New relationships refresh us, rejuvenate us, energize us, bring us joy. Newly weds, Aaron & Danielle just stopped by the office so Aaron could pick up his check. It was wonderful to talk to them about their wedding day (just this past Saturday, in fact!) and all the other fun stuff you get to talk to newly weds about. They are new friends and I am so glad to have them as part of my life.
At Easter, my daughter and I spent the holiday with old friends, the Cooks and the Vanns and Heather. I stayed up all night talking our very first night there, because it had been so long since some of us have seen each other. It was warm, comfortable, cozy, relaxing, and so normal. Like we had never been apart. These friends know me better than anyone and I love that they are part of my life.
If I am wise, I will learn to embrace the new friends God is bringing me (and those I love) and will also savor and protect those deep friendships I have already been blessed with. Combining the two may take effort, but music is the most beautiful when there are harmonies. I learned this song when I was a Girl Scout and it still applies today:

Make new friends, but keep the old...some are silver and the others gold!


Becky said...

you're a keeper!

Tracey, in MI said...

made me cry--- the happy cry.

Peta said...

I just wrote this saying some time ago to my friend's blog - I love it, too :)

I think it's great that we can learn so much from the new people we meet - and I'm totally happy that you visited me and we met, 'cause I've been learning so much from your blog :)) Thanks, dear!!