Monday, March 09, 2009


Our passports came last week. I have never had a passport. The only country outside the U.S.A. that I have ever been to is Canada. I can look across the river and see Canada. I never needed a passport to go to Canada.
But now, we are going to Guatemala. To work with children in an orphanage.
Will you pray that our hearts are pure so we can serve in the name of our Lord, Jesus?
You can read more about our trip here and follow our team blog, here.
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Crown of Beauty said...

I like the progression of your last three blog titles -- it speaks so beautifully of where the Lord is taking you, dear friend. Where I've been..where I am...where I'm going. As you have probably read (a previous post on my blog entitled WATER FROM BETHLEHEM'S WELL) I learned many years ago how important it is to make a location statement from time to time. It tells you "where you are" and that your physical location has something to do with your spiritual condition... It gives you hope to know that the Father has His eye on you and that things are not happening in your life by chance, but by divine appointment. I woke up middle of the night to pray for you, and now as I read your post, something inside of me leaps for joy. God is taking you on the next level of your spiritual journey. I will keep praying for you. By the way, I aadded Jason Upton's song Lion of Judah (in case you haven't heard it yet) on my letter for Rachel blog post, and I also hope that you already read the post I did for you when the books you sent me arrived (THANK YOU, KAYMAC). Blessings on your trip...

Trish said...

I will be praying...bless you for reaching out to these little ones.

KayMac said...

Thank you, Encourager! Yes, I did read your posts! I will tell Rachel about the song, we both love that song!

Trish...have been looking for you! Glad to have found you!