Monday, August 20, 2007


Having a rough, tiring, overwhelming day today, so I decided to think on a few happy things:

1. My daughter had her nose pierced and it looks very cute.
2. My friend, Kelly, sent me two pics today, one of her baby boy on his daddy's lap at the piano, and another of her pregnant and totally beautiful profile.
3. When I unpacked my new work laptop the other day, there was a pink breast cancer support key ring, and it made me think of my friend.
4. My mom's neighborhood had a block party on Saturday. I got to meet a lot of people who I wouldn't have met otherwise and also to visit with a few old friends.
5. Your blogs were fun, and interesting, and vulnerable, and....well, they feel kind of cozy to me. Hope that makes sense.
6. I got a secret message from a friend in an email that made me laugh.
7. God...thinking about God. He makes me feel happy.
8. The movie I watched last night...The Green made me cry but I was glad I watched it.
9. I planted these yellow daisy like flowers, and they always look like they are smiling.
10. The rain. I like the rain.



Richard said...

My daughter getting her nose pierced would not be one of my happy moments. Notwithstanding that it was a customary practice among the ancient Hebrews.

Jada's Gigi said...

think on these things..the good really does help doens' tit? loved your last post too...glad you able to be "back"