Friday, August 17, 2007


Yesterday my alarm went off at 4 a.m. I had to leave for Grand Rapids by 6 a.m. I had to get myself ready, prepare my mom's meals, clothes, and medications for the days, take care of the pets, spend time reading and studying the Bible, and water the flowers outside before I left. I remember turning my alarm off. The next thing I as 5:49!!!

You know it! I scurried around. Woke my daughter up way too early to ask her to get some food, any food, prepared for my mom. I rushed off to work to meet my co-worker who I would be following out to our training sessions. I had to put my make-up on in the car...that was when I discovered that I had no mascara. Good thing I had some liquid eyeliner which had to double as mascara. Just as I started to relax a bit a had a funny feeling in my nose....oh, nooooo....couldn't be happening right now as we were speeding down the expressway.....holy cow, yes! A nose bleed. Luckily I had some napkins on the passenger seat so I could intervene before I showed up to my customer with nose bleed all over my blouse. I had to laugh at my morning, crazy and wild as it was, because I wondered how I must look to the other drivers with a napkin hanging out of my left nostril.

Despite my crazy morning, I think I am in the process of normalizing. When I looked up the word, normalizing had something to do with metallurgy or to resume a normal state. My mom, work, and a few other areas seem to be returning to a more manageable state.

There are two areas of my life that I am extremely excited about normalizing in. One is the area of people. I love people. I love to spend time with people. Like you bloggers. I can't tell you how hard it was for me to wonder how you all were, to pray for you not knowing what things you were thinking about or going through or laughing about. I've missed my daughter....just having time to laugh and hang out or sit late at night and just talk about this or that. And my friends and family...I feel like I have been scheduling them in...a few minutes here...a function there...without really getting to enjoy them because I was too tired or too busy.

The second area is with the Lord. I have been so tired, distracted, overwhelmed. I have slept through the alarm clock and missed my morning time with Him.....on several occasions. I have fallen asleep as soon as my head as hit the pillow, missing my nightly chit chat time...just the two of devotions to get through, no lesson to study....just me enjoying being with Him in the still quiet of the night until I drifted off to sleep, breathing in His Spirit and His presence. This I have missed most of all, because it is where I find rest, rejuvenation and inspiration.

I think I am normalizing....and I am excited to be....back!


Margie said...

if your normal is like my normal, it's not that normal :)

how's that?

Glad you're back. I've missed you!

Sara said...

normalizing; what a great post. and one i need.