Wednesday, May 06, 2009


One of the things we train new drivers at my company, is how to "stay visible". For our couriers, it is important that other drivers and our dispatch know where they are at all times. Our road staff work as a team, and if a job becomes available, one driver may recommend that another driver cover that job because he/she is in the best position or may be heading in the direction the package is going. Since the jobs are announced over the radio, the couriers have to rely on each other to have their backs in case they are out of their vehicles when the job is called out. "Staying visible" is key to making a good income and providing excellent customer service.
The concept of "staying visible" has been on my mind alot lately. With a work email, a personal email, twitter, Facebook, myspace, instant messaging, blogging, texting, a cell phone that I keep with me constantly, you would think I would have no trouble staying visible. But I do. I mean, I am just getting used to Facebook and someone told me that Facebook is on the way out.
I am trying to be deliberate about logging on and reading, tweeting, posting, writing on walls, T9ing, it any wonder I am overwhelmed??? LOL
The good thing is, I have friends in parts of the world that I would never had had. I have found relatives and friends that I lost contact with. So, I have decided it is all worth it. I need my friends. I need the support, the comfort, the laughs, the inspiration. I am going to try and quit "ghosting" and "stay more visible" in the future!
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Margie said...

Where you guys going to church on Sunday?

Crown of Beauty said...

That's the best news I heard today! I always feel a tinge of sadness when I visit your blog place, and you're not there either!

Welcome back, jump in, and join the fun!

One way I've stayed visible on my blog these past days is to re-post previous favorite entries. At least my visitors have something to read while I am not able to come up with a new post.

Crown of Beauty said...

You've been tagged! Visit my May 7 post. Thanks!

Pat said...

Oh I like you visible much more then invisible! I don't do the facebook, twitter mind can only handle so much, blogging is all I've got in me!
I'll be back!

Richard said...

I was on FB for a while. It was fun for about a month and then, well ... it is not as interesting as actually interacting in a blog.

I have no Twitter account. I do not text message. I have no cell phone.

I think that if people really want to keep in touch then they will make the effort.

Stay visisble and keep your head up are improtant things.

ouizard said...

Hello Kay! =)

Crown of Beauty said...

Hey, you have been invisible, my dear friend, and I miss you!