Friday, October 24, 2008


Last night I had the television on in the background while I was doing some things on the computer. A new series, Life on Mars, came on. I was half listening until I heard a familiar tune being sung by one of the characters.
"Rise and shine and give Gosh the glory, glory...." sang a young woman.
I stopped to pay better attention. Yep, there it was..."Rise and shine and give Gosh the glory..." I was offended. This was one of the stupidest things I have ever seen anyone do to avoid using the word "God". Listen, I don't expect non-Christians to love my God. I don't expect non-Christians to act like Christians. I don't expect non-Christians to embrace Godly characteristics and values, but COME ON! "....give Gosh the glory?" Why couldn't they have sung "Rise and shine and give ME the glory, glory..." or "Rise and shine and give LIFE the glory, glory..." THOSE would at least have made some kind of sense.
What's next? Gosh Bless America? Gosh bless you? In Gosh we trust?


Pat said...

That is so dumb! Leave it to Hollywood to think of something like that. Makes you want to write whatever network it was on, doesn't it?

Margie said...

that is ridiculouso!

Jada's Gigi said...

I saw that too and wondered what was up with that...duh!

Trish said...

Can TV get any dumber???

Anonymous said...

i heard that too.. the tune sounded familiar but being young I just chalked it up to being some hippie babble.

The only reason why I hiccuped on this was a bible teacher I once had told me not to say "Gosh" because it implies "God". kind of like how 'dang it' implies 'damn it', 'frak' well.. you get the idea. anyways, i was told its a sin to use it in this manner, because it means the same thing, and it uses Gods name in vain.

I think people try to use the word God as least as possible, i know even now.. i use the word consciencously. its not to be thrown about, so... i guess you could argue they didnt want to offend anyone.. so you could give them some leeway since.. this is just entertainment and not 'true' praise for God. However.. it could've been not used because hollywood(or whoever) really is this cynical, but its obvious they've driven more attention to this, than had they sung correct words. Its a shame though, because this series has the best soundtrack i've heard in a while.
not to mention, alot of 70s music is completely spiritual and make many mentions of God, which I guess they seemed it was okay, but just had concerns of their actors saying it. who knows.

I have a hunch i'll stop watching this though, i have concerns that the storyline has reached its climax already and we're in for alot of repeat/recycled drama. another shame, because it has so much potential. i would've did different casting.