Wednesday, July 30, 2008


With fuel prices being so high, my daughter and I decided to walk to the local pharmacy so I could pick up a few things for my mom. We talked about this and that. We walked around the store looking at make-up and this and that. We bought a "green" bag to carry our purchases home in.


Time took us just over an hour. I don't know what we saved in gas. I don't know how many calories we burned. I just know......

. was good. It was very good!


Image taken from here.


Jon w/no H said...

I recently did something similar, but with entirely different motivations, lol. I needed to cash my check last week and my brother had our vehicle at work with him so I just walked to the bank. There and back totaled 3 miles but it was a much more intimate experience with the world around me than if I had just hopped in the car and went.

Joyce said...

jon w/no h.... you are the best! kaymac, i love yours and your sweet girls relationship. you two are such a wonderful example of how mothers and daughters should live. i love that. =)

Richard said...

Of course it is good. We have to learn to slow down and enjoy life more. It is so easy to simply go faster and faster and faster and keep tighter and tighter schedules ... and then we have a heart attack or stroke or nervous breakdown or some else unpleasant.

Slowing down is very hard because the society around us doesn't allow for it.

A Japanese friend of mine, who spent two years in Kenya teaching science, said she loved it because as she put it, "Africans know how to live." Japan is a very work oriented culture, in Kenya they are much more laid back about it.

An Sudanese friend once told me (because I complained about his shocking disrespect for time), "In Sudan, if someone says he is coming to visit you, maybe he is coming today, maybe next week. And when he arrives, he may stay for a day or two or maybe even a week."

That is a totally different sense of time.