Thursday, January 31, 2008


My daughter ordered me to update my! I have been swamped at work. Starting Saturday, we begin training new associates to handle a huge new account. We are increasing our work force by about a third!
For those of you who have check on me...thanks! It meant alot! I miss you all and hope to get back on the blogging track next week.
By the way, for those who Christmas gifts were: The Freedom Writers' Diaries, a class antique looking purse (very cute and I collect purses-I will try and post a pic), some of my favorite cologne- Jean Paul Gautier-Classique, and the best of all....a sweatshirt that says "I [heart] Mr. Darcy!" and I do!
I will be back soon!
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Sara said...

who is mr. darcy? glad to see you back. i thought maybe you had gone into witness protection or something! now stop fooling around and posts those pics!

Jada's Gigi said...

Ahh Mr Darcy! I know him! :) See you soon!

Pat said...

Don't think this post is going to hold us forever....we need more!

KayMac said...

Mr. Darcy is a character from Pride and Prejudice, well...not just A character....